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Migrating your database into the cloud with Azure offers access to a broad collection of integrated services that accommodate many languages and operating systems. It is a large, long-term decision, but also a significant step forward in terms of productivity and security. Migrating your data will produce the immediate benefits of lower infrastructure costs, improved disaster recovery, and the opportunity for flexible collaboration thanks to instant access wherever you are.

Azure provides the tools, guidance, and partners to simplify your cloud migration, offering you the agility, security, global scale, and cost efficiencies you need to take advantage of a secure and reliable infrastructure with industry-leading availability. Your cloud migration could be frictionless.

Below, you will find links to examples of managed cloud database that have partnered with Azure to deliver exceptional database service:

SQL Server in Azure

Azure’s SQL Database is a fully managed relational cloud database service built for developers. It uses built-in intelligence that learns your specific business’s database patterns in order to tailor your database for maximised protection and performance.

Read more about SQL Server in Azure >

MySQL in Azure

MySQL in Azure allows developers to focus their time on developing app, rather than managing infrastructure and database admin, by providing a managed database service that allows you to stand up a MySQL database on a cloud in minutes and scale as you go with no app downtime.

Read more about MySQL in Azure >

MongoDB in Azure

Develop faster, deploy easier, and scale bigger with MongoDB. Now MongoDB and Microsoft have collaborated to bring MongoDB to the Azure cloud, providing customers with the tools to build limitlessly scalable applications in the cloud.

Read more about MongoDB in Azure >

PostgreSQL in Azure

 As one of the fastest-growing open source relational database engines around, PostgreSQL is being widely embraced by developers around the world. When combined with a first-class platform for open source technologies like Azure, developers can expect built-in high availability, the ability to scale on the fly, and security included with al data and automated backups encrypted on disk by default.

Read more about PostgreSQL in Azure >

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