Azure SQL Database Migration

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Azure SQL Database Migration
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Why Migrate to Azure SQL Database?

Azure SQL Database is the most economical destination for your SQL Server databases.

Moving your SQL Server databases to Azure has never been more straightforward and economical.  Easily migrate your databases to Azure and experience the extensive SQL Server programming surface area in the cloud, with the operational and financial benefits of the intelligent, fully-managed Azure SQL Database.


Experience instance-level compatibility with SQL Server...

The new deployment option of Managed Instance also provides instance-level compatibility for SQL Server features, reducing or even eliminating the need for application changes when migrating your data. Accelerate your app development and make maintenance easier and more productive using familiar SQL tools and resources:

  • Native backup and restore
  • Cross-database queries and transactions
  • SQL Agent and Alerts
  • Service Broker
  • CLR and more

What could you gain from migrating your SQL Server databases to Azure?

Let's break it down...

406% - Return on investment
53% - less expensive than on-premises/hosted services
47% - increase in staff efficiencies
98% - less database related downtime
£14,018 in savings per migrated database in 5 years

Companies that have moved their on-prem and hosted data to Azure SQL Database have seen real benefits and cost savings. Why not start your migration today?

Predictions based on: The Business Value of Microsoft Azure SQL Database Services, IDC, March 2015

Azure Hybrid Benefit for SQL Server



Save up to 30% with Azure Hybrid Benefit

Maximise your on-premises licensing investment by exchanging your existing SQL Server licenses with active Software Assurance and save up to 30% on SQL Database Managed Instance.



Azure - the prime destination for your SQL Server workloads?

  Managed Instance General Purpose Managed Instance Business Critical*

License included**

W/ Hybrid Benefit**

License included**

W/ Hybrid Benefit**

8 vCores





16 vCores





24 vCores






Type of Storage/IO

Included with Compute (per SKU)

Additional Price

General Purpose



Business Critical



IO Rate NA

$0.20 per 1 million requests

* Business Critical available for preview Q2 CY18
**Monthly rate for pricing at General Availability 

SQL Server with Software Assurance

SQL Server Enterprise Edition customers with Software Assurance who are exploiting the unlimited virtualization benefit can move to Managed Instance at a cost effective rate.

 Azure Hybrid Benefit for SQL Server provides SQL Enterprise Edition customers with Software Assurance the ability to get 4 cores in the cloud for every one core they own on-premises when selecting SQL Database Managed Instance General Purpose. Managed Instance General Purpose best meets the requirement for virtualised workloads, making the move to Managed Instance highly cost effective.


Get in touch today and we'll discuss how this approach has already helped many organisations like yours plan ahead.