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Oracle simplifies the process of unlocking the value from all data with an integrated cloud platform for big data and analytics.

Whether you’re an analyst working hands-on with data assets, or a business professional exploring how to apply technology to your company’s processes, we enable “Insights for Everyone” with visual analytics, data preparation, ‘smart’ discovery, business modelling and adaptive intelligence.

Transforming your Business with Big Data

Big data is a powerful tool for businesses as it enables significantly more accurate analytics for more confident decisions, better operational efficiency potential, and reduced costs and risk. With thorough and targeted analytics, big data has the power to help you transform the daily operations of your business and drive strategy.

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Visual Insights with Data Analytics

Data visualisation describes the presentation of abstract information in graphic form, allowing users to identify patterns, trends, and correlations that could go unnoticed in traditional reports, tables, or spreadsheets. Today’s businesses have access to a vast amount of data generated from both inside and outside the organisation. Data visualisation helps you make sense of it all. It enables you to look at data differently and generate true value.

Oracle’s Data Visualisation capabilities allow you to craft visual data stories and get instant clarity to improve your business. Oracle Data Visualisation gives you the best of both worlds: accurate, consistent analytics you can rely on and the ease-of-use and speed you need to change it.

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Big Data Analytics

The amount of business data that is generated has risen steadily every year and more and more types of information are being stored in digital formats. Big data analytics is changing the world and is in use throughout businesses and government. Top business performers are three times more likely to use analytics than low performers. For every $1 invested in analytics, businesses see $10.66 in value. Oracle can not only help businesses with analysing their data, but visualise that insight for greater understanding.

The challenge of Big Data is learning how to deal with all the new data types and determining which information can potentially provide value to your business. Oracle has three engineered systems that solve different parts of the big data problem. Each platform includes all the hardware and software necessary for extreme data processing. All components are pre-integrated and ready to deploy and operate. Oracle has done the hard work of tying these engineered systems together so that you can extract value from your data via an advanced big data platform with integrated analytics.

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Building Data-Driven Applications

With access to a large amount of data, app developers can begin to see the benefit of data-driven applications. This type of application starts with data design and derives the user interface from the data, as opposed to starting with workflows and tasks and building the user interface to connect with a data structure.

Data-driven apps allow for more organised and efficient control for developers. Oracle Application Express – a robust rapid application development environment – allows developers to use provided packaged apps to build state-of-the-art applications on their web browser. Thanks to the intuitive, integrated, and user-friendly visual builder, you can create a mobile or desktop application with just a few clicks.

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