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Why is modernizing your Security key for a move to the Cloud?

Why is Modernizing your Security key for a move to the Cloud?


Would you choose a padlock over a bank vault to keep your valuables safe? We think not. So why compromise when it comes to your data?

DSP can provide you with the most up-to-date security features for your applications: tune into our upcoming PaaS Security webinar to find out how to upgrade your security posture using PaaS.

As you move to the public cloud you need to be thinking about security. Rather than viewing a migration to the cloud as a potential security risk, capitalize on your move as an opportunity to improve your security posture.


By working with DSP you will gain the insight of our certified solution architects, and make the most of their expertise in Public Cloud deployments.  Our team have an extensive understanding of the process of creating a secure Cloud solution; from the designing stages to the building, we have it covered.

Our solution architects are not only certified in the Cloud infrastructures; their knowledge covers Oracle Management Cloud, Database Security, and much more.


The grass is certainly greener when it comes to security, but did you know that many benefits can be recognized without the need for large changes to your application stacks?

To make your move as simple as possible, and to ensure that you’re not overwhelmed by the number of security options available in the Public Cloud, DSP will help you to understand these different components and your many options for improvement.


We utilize PaaS data platforms and SaaS security solutions to build a defense in-depth approach.  Oracle PaaS platforms provide a wide range of additional security benefits compared to running Oracle on-premises.

DSP have years of expertise working with PaaS Security and implementing security solutions, coupled with the experience required to implement large scale security remediation projects… what more could you need?


If you want to explore PaaS capabilities in more depth, register for our webinar! We will discuss PaaS Security, how products such as Identity Cloud Service, Oracle Management Cloud, Cloud Access Security Broker, and Oracle Database Cloud Services fit into Oracle Cloud Security, and the complex elements of automation, management and control required to improve your security posture.

The webinar will be held Wednesday 11th September at 11:30am.


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Why is modernizing your Security key for a move to the Cloud?

Don't compromise when it comes to the security of your data: discover the key to capitalizing on your migration into Public Cloud.

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