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New Challenges, Cutting-Edge Solutions: The Modern Data Platform

As the role of data in enterprise organisations evolves, the IT infrastructure used to leverage it has to modernise as well. In the traditional model, data was centralised in a single data warehouse and used by a few in-house experts. Now, as new ERP, CRM, LOB and other applications are developed and rolled out, the role of data is transforming and the importance of gaining insights from these sources is unmistakable.

Simply put, the flood of data coming from social media, web, and IoT sources has transformed the data handling requirements of the modern enterprise, and their IT needs to evolve along with it.

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BluePrint is our unique 'Solution, Design and
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The Modern Data Platform

In contrast, a modern architecture like Microsoft Data Solutions SQL and Azure offerings is designed for flexibility to drive complex and unique business analytics insights. Modernising also brings the reduce costs and increased security that comes with using state-of-the-art technology. The end result is that customers end up with enhanced productivity, reduced costs, and increased security when implementing a Data Platform Modernisation project. In fact, a recent study by Forrester looked at over 50 migration projects and found that, in the average case, customers saw an ROI of 113% in less than 10 months of
completing the project.

Aside from the cost savings, perhaps the biggest benefit of upgrading to a modern is the ability to incorporate the myriad streams of data coming from the whole universe of applications and use that data to drive real-time business decisions. With an architecture that’s designed with big data insights in mind, you can get the insights you need at the instant you need them. And because the architecture is designed for flexibility, you can tie in with the complete suite of fully supported solutions and technologies that compromise the modern enterprise. That same flexible design also means you don’t have to commit to a single deployment strategy: on-premises, cloud, or hybrid are all supported.


Why DSP?

As a Tier 1 CSP, DSP excel in transforming data into intelligent action via:

- Management of all data in a mission critical, scalable, secure way.
-Delivering deep insights across all data via BI and Advanced Analytics.
-Utilising existing skills and investments.
-Providing a consistent experience on-premises and in the cloud.

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