Drive Operational Excellence

Drive Operational Excellence
Drive Operational Excellence

Oracle provides a security platform for the future state , enabling visibility, detection, and response wherever users, applications, or data reside. Built-in next-generation intelligence automatically identifies risk and understands even the most sophisticated threats in real- time. Our management platform is designed for heterogeneous hybrid cloud environments and is built on a modern big data platform powered by machine learning.

By eliminating data silos and applying advanced machine learning, we offer complete visibility across your entire IT environment, enabling you to predict and prevent systemic issues. If a problem does occur, you will have intelligent insight on what happened and how to fix it.

Enhancing Security in the Cloud

The biggest concern businesses have when moving their database to the cloud is security. Having convenient access to your data for your business is essential, but this access also needs to be restricted to remove the risk of access to a malicious user. Oracle’s security solutions offer businesses the ability to thoroughly manage user access and permissions through consistent security policies across the hybrid data centre. It doesn’t matter how big your company is, Oracle’s security can offer you peace of mind.

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Ensuring IT Governance and Compliance

Oracle offers the Oracle Fusion Applications suite, and within this in a component called Oracle Fusion Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC). It offers you the power of insight into the status of all GRC activities across the enterprise, end-to-end support for cross-industry and industry-specific GRC processes, and best-in-class automated controls that work across multiple business applications.

Oracle Fusion GRC works with your existing portfolio of apps to help you simplify and fulfil your compliance obligations, meaning reduced cost and risk for your business.

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Monitoring and Improving the Performance of Apps

Oracle Management Cloud allows developers to incorporate management telemetry early on in a project, rather than being a last-minute or late addition, for easy and continuous application monitoring. Meanwhile, Oracle’s performance methodology helps developers to pinpoint performance problems in your Oracle system.

This involves identifying bottlenecks and fixing them. The process of improving performance isn’t as simple as fixing one bottleneck and seeing an immediate fix in database issues. Performance improvement is iterative, because fixing one bottleneck may reveal another. Oracle makes it easy to locate bottlenecks and other problems, allowing applications to be debugged and made scalable.

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Accessing Apps on-premises and in the Cloud

Oracle is designed to work for both on-premises databases and in the cloud. There are several differences between the two set-ups and whichever works best for your business will depend on your specific requirements. However, a large percentage of Oracle users rely on a hybrid cloud strategy, meaning they have applications that reside in a combination of SaaS environments, on-premises, and in IaaS.

Oracle can provide great Single Sign-On (SSO) solutions that can promote increased security, improved user experience, centralised access logs, and much more. Oracle Enterprise SSO offers a suite of best-in-class products that simplifies enterprise SSO deployments for system administrators and extends the benefits of Enterprise SSO to remote and mobile users.

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