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DBA Direct provides complete support and peace of mind for your Oracle database.


An Oracle database is a hugely complicated piece of technology and there are dozens of ways to implement and maintain it. dsp’s experts are experienced and qualified in a wide range of Oracle implementation methodologies and techniques making us best in breed.

Our goal is to take the time consuming task of supporting your Oracle databases away from your internal IT team, allowing you to focus on ensuring your company is focused on developing your core business and increasing revenue.

Supported Oracle technologies

Core Oracle Technology

  • Oracle Standard / Enterprise Edition
  • Oracle Data Warehouse
  • Backup/recovery (RMAN)
  • Backup validation
  • Compression
  • Custom backup jobs
  • Test Restore
  • Partitioning
  • Advanced Security

High Availability / Disaster Recovery

  • Active Oracle DataGuard
  • Real Application Clusters (RAC)
  • Stretched RAC
  • ASM Storage Management

Supported Oracle versions

We support all versions of Oracle databases.


Additionally, our capacity planning and server usage reports have provided invaluable insight into how our customers’ servers are developing and performing. This enables customers to pro-actively plan for future growth, budget appropriately for changes, and more importantly stay on top of their game and ahead of their competition.

Key benefits at a glance:

  • Improve efficiency and maximise Uptime – A database is the hub of any business. Databases need to be fast, available and scalable to the relentless demands of business. Why should you trust this type of support with a ‘do it all’ provider – because this is our speciality and it’s what makes us best of breed.
  • Minimise errors and loss of revenue – dsp’s team of world class trained DBAs offer the technical assurance that your data is in the right hands. dsp have proven time and time again that joining our service dramatically reduces downtime for our clients.
  • At a ‘glance’ reporting and monitoring – Our seamlessly integrated management of your database system, with access to our service desk and service portal 24/7, gives you a comprehensive system to monitor your estate and provides high service level performance. Forecast trends to accurately set a rate strategy – dsp can provide capacity and trend reporting.
  • Knowing how far your existing database infrastructure can take your business is an invaluable insight, allowing you to drive your business strategy forward with confidence.
  • Reduce time on administration – Allowing dsp to manage your commodity day to day functions allows you to concentrate on the things that can make huge differences to your organisation. Let us fight your fires.
  • Comprehensive health checks – Additional health checks ensure your database infrastructure is fit for purpose, building a pro-active action plan for your high-risk items.

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