Flash Storage Options

Flash Storage Options
Flash Storage Options

Looking to make your applications run 30x faster?

Technology in today’s data center is no longer meeting the advancing requirements of the business such as:

  • Improving profit margin or reducing costs
  • Increasing customer loyalty / improving service experience
  • Entering new markets or acquiring new customer segments
  • Responding to change in markets or customer needs
  • Modifying commercial business model


As a result a new approach is required and businesses require next generation technology to deliver these advantages by simplifying and making the data center more effective.


DSP and Violin Memory, leaders in enterprise flash storage for over 10 years, have joined forces to help you to modernize your data platform by delivering game changing integrated solutions.


  • Tradition-ICAP – improved Database performance by 40X – Read more
  • Saphety – improve reporting performance by 12X while halving server count (reducing licensing cost). – Read more
  • Veolia – Improved its billing process by 4X and drastically consolidated the SQL Server estate. – Read more

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