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How Data in the Cloud is Transforming Retail


To understand where Retail is going in the cloud, the first thing we need to look at is how the retail market is driving business value from it. Research has shown that the increase of data capture and the way it’s currently being used has led to the following improvements:

  • Increased Revenue of 68%
  • Improved productivity of 43%
  • Reduced costs of 66%

The change of IT pace across the Retail sector is moving at a staggering rate, particularly that of data management and analytics. It’s not always easy for businesses to decide on the best way forward and which technologies to invest in to gain maximum ROI.

‘Secret Source’ for Retailers

The secret is the ability to deliver more timely data to the enterprise and better meet user expectations. By investing in a comprehensive approach to data and analytics, any organisation has the opportunity to create a competitive edge.

Where to start

As we are currently working with a number of retail clients, we wanted to share our advice on how you can make your data management more efficient, scalable and see real time trends you can act on now.

What you need to know...

Because we work with the major IT vendors to support and manage your database; we can help you migrate to the cloud, which is the safest and most reliable place to store your data.

Put your trust in the cloud

The cloud is now the safest and most reliable place for your businesses data to be stored. Not only is it more secure but it offers a far more flexible approach than an on premise solution. Scale up during your busy periods, such as Black Friday and Christmas, and scale down when it is quiet.
Or, if you’re not quite ready to fully up and leave you’re on premise solution why not think about a hybrid approach and migrate one step at a time?

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Get better reporting and increase efficiency

Using multiple silo systems you don’t get the 360 view you need in retail, it’s inefficient and inaccurate. Why not pull all of this data together into one central place? Whether it comes from your EPOS system, social media or you customer service team. You can feed data to relevant parts of the organisation in real time with a more accurate and valuable understanding.

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Drive value with your data

Once your data is more accurate and easily accessible you can start analysing your social interactions, benefiting from scalability and most importantly giving each department ownership of their data. Not sure how to start?

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