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Microsoft Data Platform Consulting Services
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Expert consultancy for
Microsoft Azure & SQL Server

As a Microsoft ‘Data Platform’ Gold Partner, Microsoft ‘Data Analytics’ Gold Partner and Microsoft ‘Cloud Platform’ Gold partner, DSP’s team of SQL Server and Microsoft Azure consultants have been delivering ‘best-in-class’ solutions for over 20 years…

So, whether we’re experiencing performance and availability issues, modernising existing infrastructure and applications or scoping and migrating solutions into Azure – our consultants among some of the best minds in the industry.

Microsoft Data Platform Consulting Services Microsoft Data Platform Consulting Services


Data Platform Modernisation

Microsoft Data Platform Consulting ServicesMore and more organisations push digital innovation beyond experimentation to drive competitive advantage, and continuously deliver value.

Find out how DSP can modernise your applications with Microsoft Azure.

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Data Integration

Microsoft Data Platform Consulting Services

Big data is the driving source behind business intelligence and analytics. As such, it is essential to consider the importance of database integration in ensuring the effective use of enterprise data. 


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Data Visualisation

Microsoft Data Platform Consulting ServicesData is key' is a message frequently heard across the technology industry - but data itself has very little value until it is properly explored and utilised in a business sense.

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Delivery Framework

Microsoft Data Platform Consulting Services

Since 1999, DSP has been delivering succesful Microsoft Technology projects through our tried and 'trusted' delivery framework for creating meaningful solutions on-specs, on-time and on-budget requires a proven approach.

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Driving IT forward

Global Microsoft case study: How migrating to Azure is modernizing JB Hunt

The trucking company JB Hunt has 3.5 million trucks on the road every day. Trying to keep track of all those trucks can be a challenge, especially when customers want access to real-time data about their shipments. Using a traditional on-premises infrastructure, JB Hunt ran into issues trying to keep track of all their data. To complicate things, JB Hunt uses Java and other open-source solutions, so it was important for them to find a platform that would integrate seamlessly into their existing applications. JB Hunt decided to migrate to Azure.

Microsoft Azure helps them lift and shift their digital infrastructure to the cloud without having to re-engineer their systems.

At DSP, we can help you find the right platform for your migration to the cloud. Contact us today to learn more.



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