Modernisation and Consolidation

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Is your estate growing beyond your control?

Modernisation doesn't necessarily mean growth - consolidation is key to maintaining an efficient cost effective environment.

SQL Server consolidation is key to enable optimisation of: resources, licensing usage and day-to-day management. 

Have you thought about the following:

  • Do I need to consolidate?  
  • If so, what should I consolidate? 
  • How should I segment or compartmentalise my applications?
  • Can I improve security and performance with Azure services?


The answers to these questions will depend on your estate, the size of the operation, and your own capabilities, but it's likely that the first question will be answered with a resounding 'yes'.

However, what should be consolidated, and how it should be done, is largely application driven.  Whatever the size and complexity of your environment, DSP's Azure solution architects can help you to design a more optimised and cost effective Azure environment for your databases and applications.


Modernise and Consolidate on Microsoft Azure laaS or Azure SQL Database?


DSP's Microsoft certified engineers will help you through an on-site workshop to craft a tailored solution as part of your modernisation goals. Depending on your requirements it may be that Azure SQL Database with the benefits of not having to worry about OS level management could help reduce day-to-day maintenance costs. Alternatively, the flexibility of being able to access the full system may be required for jobs and tasks you run alongside your SQL Server Instance. Whether its Microsoft Azure IaaS or Azure SQL Database, DSP can help your business modernise and consolidated.

Why Azure SQL Database?

Azure SQL Database offers the flexibility to be used in various scenarios. All these use-cases will provide modernisation benefits. 

These benefits are seen through a mixture of reduced systems management, automated provisioning, patching, and standardisation. 

Why now?

Azure has removed the former physical walls that surround IT sprawl in the day of exclusively physical servers, so there is a danger that IT sprawl could exponentially increase. 

Consolidating and modernising before migrating to Azure will ensure that you have an optimised environment, using only the required resources, saving you infrastructure and licensing costs.

Why choose DSP?

Our Azure solution architects have a fantastic track record on Azure migrations and can ensure you make informed decisions regarding the welfare of your estate.   

We can provide both technical and commercial assurance through a Modernisation and Consolidation service, and aim to give organisations clarity on their IT roadmap.