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Oracle Database Support Options

Recognised as the fast, reliable and secure database, Oracle database 12c is easy to manage and ideal for most company types. Users are able to consolidate their current environment allowing for ease of use, of all workloads including enterprise applications, data warehouse and big data analysis.

As Oracle database 12c has been deployed across many organisations now, we thought we would take a look at what support options were available for it, at the same time look at the older versions of Oracle’s legacy databases and discuss the dates of which their support expired.

The majority of older legacy databases do not offer any valued support option for their versions; the most recent to stop being the Oracle 11.1g database back in 2015. Currently Oracle still support Oracle 11.2g, which is in waived extended support service until May 2017 and then will go on to an extended paid for support service until the end of 2020, when at this point all support for this database will become sustainable.

The most recent Oracle database 12.1c is currently running its premier support service and as the most up to date database offering from Oracle, their support will be available up until the end of June 2018. This type of support allows for users to take advantage of the maintenance and software upgrades to their databases and is generally in commission for up to five years from its release date.

The next chapter for Oracle 12.1c support will be their extended paid for service; which will start in June 2018 and offer its service right the way through to June 2021 from when it will also go into Sustained support. At some point during this period, Oracle will release their new database version, 12.2c which will have a support system in place of its own.

As we are trusted by Oracle and have been for many years, we are recognised as being one of the best Oracle database support consultancies in the UK. We know every version of Oracle database (even the legacy systems) and can help you with all your Oracle support needs.

The below table shows the timelines of the Oracle Database Support that has been available in the past, whats currently available now and in the future.


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