SQL Server Solutions

SQL Server Solutions
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SQL Server solutions you can rely on.

Fully exploit the power of Microsoft with secure, scalable managed services from a leading Microsoft Gold Cloud Partner and Azure Expert CSP.

DSP has an 18-plus year history as a Microsoft Gold partner with more than 1,400 Microsoft certifications on staff. Our team of highly skilled certified Microsoft experts can help you manage, monitor and maximise your Microsoft deployments while freeing you to focus on innovation. From strategic planning to production and beyond, we’re with you every step of the way—managing your solutions, empowering your success and ensuring you get the full benefit of your Microsoft investment. Our SQL Server solution offerings are comprehensive and always created to match your business requirements.

SQL Server Solutions SQL Server Solutions


SQL Server High Availability

SQL Server SolutionsOur wide variety of SQL Server high-availability solutions include Always-On Availability Groups, Failover Customer Instances, Database Mirroring, Log shipping, and more.

DSP can improve the availability of your servers and databases, disguise the affects of hardware or software failure, and minimise downtime.

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SQL Server Database Backup

SQL Server Solutions

DSP we have SQL Server database backup and recovery down to a fine art. Our customers appreciate our expertise and  proactive manner, and we in return seek to uphold our customer-first values.

We can guide you through key considerations when discussing moving backup to cloud, including security and compliance.

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SQL Server Disaster Recovery

SQL Server SolutionsCloud-enabled SQL Server DR is more economical than traditional methods: there is no lead-time or capital outlay; no need for businesses to buy additional hardware,  or to have dedicated personnel.

DSP can deliver peace of mind that your SQL Server databases are in safe hands and protected from any worst-case scenario.

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SQL Server Migration

SQL Server SolutionsSince Microsoft Azure and Oracle Cloud's partnership announcement, moving your databases to Cloud has never been easier. Improve the performance, security, scalability, of your SQL Server platform.

DSP's services are designed to help you migrate to a new data platform with minimum fuss, whilst keeping your future options open. 

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SQL Server Upgrade

SQL Server SolutionsUpgrading your SQL Server databases does more than improve your security stature; not upgrading regularly could lead you to miss out on enhanced features, suffer poor application performance, and pay more in support.

We pride ourselves on our ability to create bespoke upgrade solutions for the benefit of our customers.

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SQL Server Security

SQL Server SolutionsDSP's preventative security services include, but are not limited to: Security Assessments, including SQL Server Health Checks; around-the-clock Auditing and Monitoring; Data Protection and Data Access Control. 

DSP are here to help you minimise security risks to your estate, and to understand your risk and compliance requirements.

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SQL Server Integration

SQL Server SolutionsProperly managed database processes can make the difference between a challenging user experience and an efficiently run estate, and a database integration could revolutionise the way you use your data.

Find out how DSP could transform your estate and present an efficient approach to utilising your most valuable data.

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Legacy Application Modernisation and Support

SQL Server SolutionsMany companies are running applications that were fit-for-purpose 20 years ago, but are now unable to meet business needs. These applications can over-complicate your estate and drive up costs.

DSP can offer support and maintenance for your legacy applications, whilst working to define a modernisation plan to suit your business.

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PCI Compliance

SQL Server SolutionsIf you're looking to run PCI, DSP can help ensure that you comply with PCI DSS regulations so your data is kept compliant, legal and secure.

Our services include developing and maintaining secure systems and applications and protecting your systems against malware.

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SQL Server Performance Tuning

SQL Server SolutionsA simple SQL Server performance tuning can speed up your application significantly and ensure that it is capable of growing with your business requirements.

DSP can implement any necessary improvements to your applications and databases so your estate can be fully optimised.

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Serverless Computing

SQL Server SolutionsServerless Computing allows for fully-managed code execution by a Cloud partner; this reduces the administrative tasks of developers, and allows them to focus on the innovation that drives their business. 

Discover the benefits of Serverless Computing with a fully-managed service provider you can trust.

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SQL Managed Instance

SQL Server SolutionsMigrate your databases to Azure to experience the rich SQL Server programming surface area in the cloud, as well as the operational and financial benefits of the intelligent, fully-managed Azure SQL Database.

Moving your SQL Server databases to Azure has never been easier or more economical. Talk to DSP about your SQL Managed Instance today.

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