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What’s it like to be a SQL Server DBA at dsp?

We asked one of our SQL Server DBA support consultants… here’s what he had to say…

What is important in your life right now?

My life is made of 3 key elements: my job, my wife and my kids (four and counting)
What’s that like?

I am a SQL DBA for dsp, which is a great company to work with and to work for. My wife – she is like my boss but with less smiles and more moaning. The kids are the one thing I dread in the morning but the first thing I look forward when I get home.
How has your time at dsp been?

While starting at a client there was a transition, I experienced an extreme shift in my work/life balance. First off, I was working with our Microsoft Practise Head a lot more closely (not something the average human can deal with).

On this project dsp was late to join, as the other partner had a week’s head start on the project. The wife was expecting our fourth child in only a few weeks, the kids were crazy as ever and I was helping the Managed Services team here and there. It was hard work to manage all of these tasks and responsibilities.
How did you manage?

To manage this workload meant a lot of late nights and hard work but I had a great team at dsp to support and mentor me. Although we started later on the project, me and the dsp team ended up on top and leading from the front.
Has the experience changed you?

The results at the end of all this hard work and dedication has led to a more confident and competent SQL DBA, a better Husband, the best Dad in the world (my kids say), someone the team can call on in the time of need and a valued member of dsp.

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