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Functionality to Feature Mapping

A key advantage of engaging with a vendor agnostic consultancy is our ability to analyse the product to feature fit which suits you the best. A vendor led analysis process would invariably discover the vendor’s strengths against any opposition and quietly omit the weaknesses. We are able to truly put our clients first and recommend the Big Data solution to provide best of breed technology for the functionality required.

Infrastructure Architectural Design

As with any infrastructure or enabling technology layer, sizing and growth awareness are key. The terms “horizontally scalable” and “monolithic vertical capacity” come to mind, but the simple fact is that if your platform is not designed with the growth patterns in mind from the outset, at some point a problem will arise. Here at DSP we understand the customer value lifecycle and elasticity of a data platform, and we design around those key elements.

Performance Optimisation

A true technology led consultant understands the inner workings of a database engine, its memory utilisation and write-back functions and how to configure, fine-tune and optimise these features to gain maximum performance. At DSP we understand how database technologies work in depth and are able to bring a wealth of many years’ experience to any engagement.

Installation & Implementation

Most NoSQL and Big Data solutions are very simple to install in a proof of concept environment, an environment of free to use resources, best guess estimates on I/O and memory allocations and if it’s truly horizontally scalable then if we add 10 more node we get 10 times more speed……..Don’t we?

We all know the answer is No. A fully productionised system has many other factors involved, including the type of deployment, on-premise, hybrid, cloud etc. underlying architecture, security models, logical, network, physical, cryptography, segregation of duties, data obfuscation layers etc, etc.

At DSP we do not just run yum, apt-get, or click on an msi, we treat the whole process with the same controls that the fully productionised service will endure. Planned, Approved, Documented, Supportable, Auditable, Performant, Resilient.

High Availability

High availability in the Relational space comes at a significant cost, the NoSQL revolution has the effect of reducing these costs massively by the horizontal, shared nothing approach of sharding. DSP will expertly guide, advise and perform the implementation from the bare metal upwards to achieve a truly resilient solution.

One of the primary value propositions of the scale-out model is the ability to utilise “commodity” hardware to achieve a balanced scalable platform, with commodity hardware comes a lower Mean Time between Failures (MTBF). DSP will design and deliver solutions based around your RTO & RPO and budget.

Security Analysis

Security analysis is a science on its own, DSP are experts in data obfuscation, transparent data encryption methodologies, data In-transit, and edge control. We are one of the few companies to offer true penetration testing on the database technology itself and not the network. As data becomes ever more transportable it is imperative that controls are made to ensure the data receives the protection it requires from a regulatory or business perspective.

Skills transfer & evangelism

It is important to keep the whole team informed of latest developments in the technology area whether it’s the DBA’s, Developers, Infrastructure support, networking, system administrators as well as the Business application owners and further into the business itself. DSP can deliver tailored structured training sessions, workshops, seminars whether it be single vendor or cross-industry based.

Migration & Upgrades

A change and upgrade strategy is key to the always on nature of a sharded solution DSP have many years in designing and delivering rolling upgrade strategies to many technologies including NoSQL based databases.

Another key aspect to our agnostic standing is our ability to migrate from virtually any database to any database technology using best practices and a range of commercially supported or open source tools


Integration with other forms of data stores are vital for the business, because DSP have expertise in a cross section of Relational, Flat, Hierarchical and Multi-dimensional database technologies we are ideally placed to perform an integration platform second to none utilising an array of ERTL tools, ingest strategies, and real time data transfer and sharing techniques

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