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As a leading Oracle Partner, DSP offers a range of Oracle Cloud services. We're a specialised provider who deliver advice and support on architecting, migrations, provisioning, monitoring, optimisation and multicloud. We work to guaranteed SLAs and outcomes with a focus on delivering performance and value for organisations using Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Oracle Cloud Services

Expert Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Specialists

DSP has been an Oracle partner for over 25 years. We have more Oracle database and OCI certifications than any other partner worldwide and are recognised by Gartner in their 2022 OCI market guide. We are ideally placed to offer specialised Oracle Cloud services to organisations looking to make the most of OCI, but who perhaps lack the in-house resources to achieve it.

Our services cover the entire OCI journey, from planning and assessments to migrations, ongoing management and optimisation and innovation.

We understand that the cloud can be complex - made even more so by often heavily customised legacy environments. We work in partnership with our customers who leverage our specialist Oracle knowledge to give them confidence that they're getting the best operational and commercial value for their organisation. With us, you can be assured that whatever you want to achieve with OCI, you have a specialist partner alongside you to make it happen.

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Oracle Service Partner Expertise in CSPE Oracle Cloud Platform - Oracle Cloud Database to Oracle Cloud
Oracle Service Partner Expertise in CSPE Oracle Cloud Platform - Oracle Cloud Platform Data Management
Oracle Service Partner Expertise in Oracle Database to Oracle Cloud

Migrating to OCI? Here's how we can help.

OCI Proof of Concept

Assess what a move to OCI means for your organisation, with a PoC built specifically for you by our architects.

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Oracle Alloy

Get the flexibility of the cloud via DSP without having to use a public cloud model.

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Oracle Hybrid Cloud

Get the best of both worlds and take advantage of the cloud where appropriate, whilst keeping some of your infrastructure on-premise.

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OCI Licensing

Ensure your estate is compliant prior to an audit, or that you're not paying for more licenses than you need.

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Any Database on OCI

Our motto is 'Any Database| Any Cloud'. We offer advice and support for moving any database to OCI.

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The big advantage of the cloud is cross-platform collaboration. See how things like the Oracle-Microsoft interconnect can work for you.

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Bring a spiralling estate under control with a consolidation exercise to reduce unnecessary overheads. 

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Autonomous Database

Eliminate the complexities of operating a data warehouse and automate your cloud database admin.

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Application Migration

Move business-critical on-premise applications to OCI with confidence and see improved performance and reduced costs across your portfolio.

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Migration Methodology: The DSP Difference

Our motto is ‘Any Database | Any Cloud’ and whatever the nature of the migration, we have a long history of making it a smooth and successful journey. We have a range of vendor accreditations and are the only Oracle and Microsoft CSP in the UK. But it’s how we do things that really makes us stand out:


We understand that migrations are a significant undertaking and as much a commercial decision as a technical one. That’s why we work with you in close collaboration, putting a significant amount of effort into pre-migration preparation. We bring all stakeholders together to assess every available model and decide which one is the strategic best-fit for your organisation.


Your migration is unique to you, but because of our wealth of migration experience, we have a tried and tested formula to make the process run smoothly. We’ll work in close partnership with your teams throughout the process to ensure that downtime is reduced to the absolute minimum and your estate is fully optimised with the highest levels of performance possible.


We don’t see the migration process as transactional, as many other partners do. We offer a complete wrap-around service to optimise your estate in the long-term with services like proactive monitoring, regular health checks and performance reviews. This means you can focus on other priority areas of the business, assured in the knowledge that your infrastructure is safe with us.

Already on OCI? Here's how we can help you make the most of it.

Oracle Support Services

Ensure your OCI estate is supported in the long-term, whilst also reducing overheads. 

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Oracle Healthchecks

Our experts can take a holistic look at your OCI instance and flag any issues before they become problems.

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OCI Cost Management

Be sure you are never paying for more than you need and that you're not under licensed.

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Exadata Cloud at Customer

Get all the advantages of a private Exadata solution, with the added benefits of the considerable cost reductions of cloud.

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Machine Learning on OCI

Make the most of your most valuable resource - your data. Become a truly data-led organisation.

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Backup and Recovery

Have complete confidence that if the worst happens, your data is safe and accessible. 

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Application Development

Our development team can build OCI-based apps to add innovative enhancements to your organisation.

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Ongoing Security with OCI

Take a security-first approach to your database with long-term safeguards to protect your infrastructure and data.

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See some of our OCI projects...

PRIMEdge: IFS ERP application to OCI

PRIMEdge migrates its IFS ERP application to an OCI hosted solution with DSP.


London North East Railway: OCI Build and Support

DSP conducted an OCI PoV and migration for LNER with ongoing support which resulted in reduced data loading speeds and improved scalability.


DSP customers

EDM logo-1

"Selecting a company like DSP is the best option as you receive a tailored database service. Generalists are not focused on the aspects required.”

Chief Executive Officer | EDM


"We live and breathe this every day but it was really impressive how quickly DSP got on board with our systems and processes in order to start delivering results from the outset."

Head of Infrastructure | Zopa


"Our relationship now is so much more than just client-and-supplier; it is a genuine partnership. It’s more valuable to us as it means we grow and develop as an organisation while working with DSP"

IT Manager | BRITA UK


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Our Oracle Cloud Expertise

  • Oracle Cloud Platform
  • Oracle Database to Oracle Cloud
  • Oracle Cloud Platform Data Management - Autonomous (ADW/ATP)
  • MSE: Oracle Cloud Platform - Oracle Cloud Platform Data Management
  • MSE: Oracle Cloud Platform - Oracle Database to Oracle Cloud

Why Oracle Cloud

  • Enterprise Cloud Platform
  • Flexible and Innovative Commercial Terms
  • Consistency of Performance
  • Broad Portfolio of Services
  • Variety of setup options


  • Experience in Oracle Cloud
  • Certified Oracle Cloud Architects
  • A wealth of Successful Migrations
  • Customer First Approach
  • 24/7/365 Consultants

Trusted, Award-Winning Oracle Partner with Oracle Cloud Expertise

At DSP we are proud to be an Oracle Partner with Oracle Cloud Expertise, an Oracle MSP and a Specialised Implementer. We have architects who understand Oracle Cloud and the customer references for our successful migrations.

Oracle Cloud Services
Oracle Cloud Services
Oracle Cloud Services
Oracle Cloud Services
Oracle Cloud Services
Oracle Cloud Services
Oracle Cloud Services
Oracle Cloud Services
Oracle Cloud Services
Oracle Cloud Services


DSP Oracle Cloud Service Offerings

  • Consultancy and Managed Services
  • Cloud design, migrations, provisioning and optimisation
  • Commercial and contract negotiation
  • Right sizing and modelling
  • Oracle Cloud Data Science Services
  • Oracle Cloud Licensing Services
  • Application Development
  • Application & Infrastructure Monitoring & Management
  • Data Integration
  • Cloud Adjacent Architecture Hosting
  • Data Analytics
  • Cloud Security, CASB and IAM

Interested in discussing one of these services further? Complete the form and one of our Oracle Account Directors will be in touch ASAP.


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Oracle Cloud Migration


If you're looking to migrate to Oracle Cloud, you'll have peace of mind with DSP. We were the first Oracle Partner in Europe to gain 'Oracle Database to Oracle Cloud Expertise'.

We have a successful track record of fast, secure and optimised migrations to OCI.

If you're interested in becoming our next customer to benefit from optimised performance and lower costs, click the button below to discover more. 

Oracle Cloud Migration

Oracle Cloud Migration

Oracle Cloud Migration

Get early insight with our Oracle Cloud Calculator

Being well informed will help you make better decisions. Cheaper isn't always better, and faster doesn't always win. DSP globally renowned Oracle Cloud Calculator, developed after numerous customer engagements, compares the costs between Oracle Cloud and AWS. If you're interested to find out how much your Oracle Cloud environment would cost + how it will perform vs AWS, click here.


The Technical Benefits of Oracle Cloud

  • VPN – Service Hours Free and Egress
  • Internet Data Egress – Free Up to 10TB
  • Fast Connect Egress – Free
  • NAT Gateways – Free
  • Load Balancing Data Processing – Free
  • Storage Performance – Free
  • Business Support – Included
  • Consumption Model – Flexible

"Oracle has aimed to simplify or remove hard to estimate costs associated with Public Cloud, their aim is not only to make to more cost effective but easier to manage. With Oracle Cloud Infrastructure you don’t need to think about storage performance; how many VPNs you need or how much data your load balancers may process.

All those things distract from what you should be doing and that’s embracing the Public Cloud. Contact DSP to learn how Oracle has simplified the Public Cloud offering."


Phil Brown
CTO | Oracle ACE | DSP

Oracle Cloud Proof of Concept

Workshops and PoC’s are often the best way to learn about new Oracle solutions that will positively impact your business. On or off-site, DSP can provide you with a broad range of workshops and PoC’s that help you learn more about topics such as cloud.

Discovery Session

We meet with you to discuss your Oracle infrastructure, performance issues, business challenges and future business requirements. The aim of this discussion will be to decide which cloud model suits your business the best, whether that is pure cloud in OCI, or a 'Hybrid' Cloud@Customer approach.

Migrate and Test

The next stage of the PoC will be to migrate a small section of your estate to OCI and then test that environment to see the performance increase and cost savings.

Produce Report & Share Findings

The final stage of the PoC is to share the findings with you. This will clearly highlight any performance increase and cost savings migrating to OCI will cause.

Oracle Cloud Managed Services

o-service-prtnr-MSECloudPlatformDataManagement-EMEA-UKandIreland-clr-rgbManaged Oracle Cloud Services

Interested in all the benefits of Oracle Cloud, but without any of the hassle? Discover our Oracle Cloud Managed Services, where DSP manages and maintain your OCI environment. As an Oracle Partner with MSE (Managed Service Expertise), you can trust DSP to have the right skills, knowledge and proven methodology to support you on your journey to using Oracle Cloud.

Our MSE certification builds on our market leading Managed Services capabilities and extends our operational support to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. Our software engineers are responsible for designing environments, implementation and migrations, integration and overall management.

Discover more about our Oracle Cloud Managed Services, or if you're an ISV, check out our ISV Oracle Cloud Managed Services.


  • 24x7x365 Support
  • Save up to 70% in IT costs
  • Proactive Support, rather than Reactive Support
  • Regular Health Checks
  • Optimised Performance