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Oracle Cloud Migration
Oracle Cloud Migration


Cloud is the New Reality for Most Organisations

There is a reason that.....



Nearly all organisations now use cloud services



CIO's pressured by their business leaders to evaluate migrating their datacentres to IaaS



Organisations are planning to integrate on-premise datacentres with public cloud

As an Oracle user do these questions sound familiar?

Oracle Cloud Migration

"I want to move to the Oracle Cloud but how do I avoid binning our existing software investment?"

Oracle Cloud Migration

"I have already moved some infrastructure to the Cloud... do Oracle workloads in Oracle Cloud coexist with other Public clouds?"

Oracle Cloud Migration

"Isn’t Oracle Cloud is just for large enterprises? Can I start small then expand?"


"Can I trade in some of my licences to support my move to Oracle Cloud?"


"Can 'Oracle Cloud Infrastructure' help me avoid the typical headache of virtual “noisy neighbours” in public cloud services?"


"How do I ensure that the version of the database is the same in PaaS as I get on-prem? And can I get true Cloud on-prem as a result?"

Answering your Oracle Cloud Migration questions with clarity

DSP recognise that a migration to Oracle Cloud will be a significant change
both commercially and technically - the common questions we can answer with clarity are:

How long will it take?

Every Cloud Migration is unique, speak to one of our experts today to understand how long your journey will take.

How much will it cost?

Try our Oracle Cloud Calculator where you can price up your Oracle Cloud environment in minutes. 


What are the key benefits?

There are numerous benefits to migrating to Oracle Cloud, we have summarised them here:

Oracle Cloud Case Study

DSP has migrated many customers to Oracle Cloud, if you would like to know more please take a look at this case study, where Stonewater migrate their assets to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure to overcome their issues.



Oracle Cloud Migration

Oracle Cloud Bitesize

Oracle Cloud Bitesize

You would like to migrate to Oracle Cloud but you really want to try before you buy? Check out our Oracle Cloud Bitesize. Our Oracle Bitesize plan sets out the first steps of your Cloud migration in simple terms. All the information, without the fuss.

Bulk up your business case for Oracle Cloud Migration

"A migration to Oracle Cloud is usually proceeded by a business case and having worked with Oracle Cloud from the very beginning, we’ve seen several reasons why customers have chosen to move." - Philip Brown, CTO at DSP


Oracle Cloud Migration


An Oracle Cloud Partner who can take you from start to finish.


DSP is an Award-Winning, Oracle Cloud Platinum Partner, MSP and Specialised Implementer. We have architects who understand Oracle Cloud and the customer references for our successful migrations.

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