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Supporting growth for ISVs

Make the most of your data, scale at pace and stay secure with DSP's solutions and services for ISVs.

Oracle, Microsoft and Google Cloud Partner

Some of our ISV customers

The potential of the ISV sector is huge, but that in itself is a challenge. Businesses must balance innovation with compliance and security whilst scaling at pace and managing the vast amount of data they hold. Correctly utilising digital technology is key to addressing these challenges and taking advantage of new opportunities. As ISV sector specialists, we understand this. 

We have a long track record of helping organisations to keep pace with technology advancements and the scale of their data, allowing them to stay competitive and match demand faster. We help ensure IT environments are secure from data breaches and meet the regulatory and compliance requirements of the sector. 

We enable innovation and integrate new systems and data successfully without disrupting business continuity, be that a Cloud migration, on-premises storage, developing new apps or APIs, or keeping pace with the potential of AI. And we’ve delivered specialised outsourced support, helping to lower overheads and improve performance and data security, as well as increasing on the skills, expertise, and availability of in-house teams.  

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Some of our customer stories

EPos Logic: Azure Migration

Leading pharmaceutical supplier selects DSP to design and implement their migration to Microsoft Azure. 

Vuelio: Azure Migration

DSP managed the migration of Vuelio's environments to Microsoft Azure which resulted in significant hosting and management cost reductions. 

Generis: APEX Development

Generis Technology used Oracle APEX to allow B-Smart to run securely from a Cloud-based Database as a Service

Stripe: OCI Migration

DSP conducted an Oracle Cloud migration, resulting in improved security and flexible infrastructure.

Our Full Range of ISV Support and Services

Managed Cloud

A common goal for an ISV is to be able to operate a SaaS business model, with their application being cloud-ready and available on a subscription-based business model.

DSP can help make that goal a reality, moving your application into a public cloud environment and transforming your business model while making your application more attractive to end-users. We can then manage your customers' cloud environments and databases on a 24x7x365 basis.

Database Support

Managed Services are a core service of DSP. We have industry-renowned teams of fully certified, experienced DBAs who will monitor your customers' database environment on an up to 24x7x365 basis while abiding to strict SLAs.

This is a popular service for ISV customers as it means we focus on keeping your customers' databases performative and allows your internal IT team to focus on innovation potential and growing your business.

Performance Tuning

Is your customers' database not performing optimally? Or has a recent database health check highlighted some performance issues?

We offer performance tuning on an ad-hoc basis to your customers for when they suffer performance issues. It's a good feeling to have a database specialist at hand when performance issues strike!  Our performance tuning is always bespoke to the customers unique requirements, because we understand that every environment is different.

Oracle Licensing

Oracle Licensing is known to be a complex, time-consuming and often costly exercise, especially regarding ISVs. We offer a range of ISV-specific Oracle Licensing services, to allow you to redeploy your resources into improving your application, not dealing with licenses.

Whether you have an upcoming audit and want to ensure compliance, or you need new licenses and want to ensure you have the most competitive price, our team is here to help.

Database Health Checks

The performance of your application is heavily dependent on the performance of your customers' database. If their database isn’t performing to its full potential, then neither is your application.

We offer Database Health Checks for ISVs on flexible terms, these can be wrapped into a managed service, or they can be executed on an ad-hoc basis as required. This is one of our most popular ISV services as it takes the worry about your customers' database away and allows you to focus on your application.

Oracle APEX

APEX is Oracle's leading RAD tool. It's a low-code tool that delivers state-of-the-art applications, deployable on browsers, smartphones & tablets. Oracle APEX is a no-cost feature of the Oracle database and it also includes excellent reporting capabilities and dashboards.

Many ISVs are turning to Oracle APEX to modernise current applications or build new apps. Others are migrating their Oracle Forms to APEX to improve UI and to ensure their application can run smoothly on any browser, unlike Oracle Forms.

Data Science Services

ISVs are in a unique position regarding the amount of data their application produces. However, research suggests only a very small proportion of businesses use that data to effectively enhance their competitiveness and improve their business.

We have a team of data scientists who can take your company’s data, apply the latest in analytical technology so you can make data-driven decisions that will allow you better understand and better serve your customers and wider market.

Advanced ISV Services

Application providers are at the core of our business, we have a dedicated ISV practice with a mission to help boost your business's growth. At DSP, we like to go above and beyond, which is why we offer advanced services to select ISVs.

From quarterly strategic meetings with our CTO to Google Ads crash courses from our Director Of Marketing. We'll even pitch your application to our current (300+) customer base! Or maybe you just need to be put in contact with the right person at Oracle or Microsoft?

On-Demand ISV Accelerator Programme Webinar

Understand how DSP make a difference to application providers, and what a bespoke plan could look like for your business. Discover all about our ISV Accelerator Programme through this on-demand webinar hosted by DSP ISV Account Director, James Peck, who is joined by CTO, Phil Brown and Development Services Director, Simon Greenwood. 


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