Solution, Design and Architecture

Solution, Design and Architecture
Solution, Design and Architecture

The foundation to success

Solution, Design and Architecture (SD&A) is an in-depth IT scoping and review process that bridges the gap between your current IT environments, the technology and the business needs in order to deliver maximum return-on-investment and the steps required in order to get there. More importantly the SD&A process focuses on understanding, capturing and illustrating return-on-investment and providing confirmation that the project is financially viable. The SD&A deliverables can be used to justify stakeholder endorsement but also becomes a working reference document throughout architecture deployment.


By undergoing a SD&A review, together we are ensuring your IT project is scoped correctly to vendor and industry best practices. This is of paramount importance as it guarantees best-of-breed and best fit technologies are implemented and aligned to your unique business processes with a guaranteed list of return-on-investments. It also ensures:

  • Delivery resource is supplied as and when required during implementation.
  • Your project has been correctly priced and is delivered to budget.
  • Your project is delivered on time and within scope.
  • Your business receives a better product.
  • You have a 99.9% chance of project success.

The SD&A review delivers a detailed ‘deep dive’ technical solution including a detail project plan covering all aspects of the project life cycle from build, testing and implementation. Furthermore, in conjunction with in-house employees it delivers a well-defined holistic view of the IT project including a technical document, accurately outlined architecture and licensing issue resolutions.

The SD&A bridges the gap between what your business has, what your business needs and how your business is going to get there. It delivers insight and process at every step along the way to ensure the best possible solution is implemented at the best possible price.

In our experience, companies that embark on an SD&A review have a 99.9% chance that their project will be implemented within scope. In comparison, we have found that companies not undergoing this review have a 61% chance of project overrun and therefore increased costs.

In addition, the SD&A pays special attention into how to go live and how to transition an existing solution systemically as well as align to business process. It also goes one step further by defining:

  • How the existing system and the technology deployment is supported during migration.
  • Illustrating when and at what point key resources are required.
  • Outlining both the migration testing and implementation testing solutions.
  • How the data migration will be performed.
  • Who has responsibility for the delivery of hardware.

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