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PaaS Security
PaaS Security

PaaS Security

Retrofitting security into existing database platforms is difficult; there are complex elements of automation; management and control.  Here you can explore some of the key offerings in OCI to enable better PaaS security without the headaches.


DSP is an Oracle Platinum Partner specialised in Oracle Cloud and the technologies that run in Oracle Cloud; we have a strong track record in managing data across Cloud and on-premises. If you want to read more on how migrating to cloud could improve your security, check out our Security page.

Database Security

Database Security
Anyone can highlight how certain aspects of your database are insecure - only DSP has the experience to have implemented large scale security remediation projects.

Cloud and PaaS Security

Cloud and PaaS Security
Oracle PaaS platforms provide a wide range of additional security benefits over running Oracle on-premises - do you want to make your security team happy?

Cloud and PaaS Tooling

Perimeter security is no longer an acceptable standpoint - your attack surface is growing and you need modern security tools to protect your data.


PaaS Security is a huge topic and one that can cover a range of technologies and tools. DSP have years of expertise in implementing security solutions, and a team of extensively trained Oracle experts. 


  • Does Autonomous Database really improve your security posture?
  • What about security of the Cloud itself?
  • What’s is the ‘shared responsibility model’ security model?
  • What tooling and controls are available in Cloud Security?
  • How do I get started to improve my security posture?
  • Can I use tooling that will help on-premises and in the Cloud?

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