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Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Options Webinar

Cloud is a big topic, but it’s essential to understand your options and get the right solution for your organisation. Register for this new webinar where we’ll give an overview of the opportunities available to organisations like yours.

Wednesday 27th Jan - 02:00PM

SQL Server Remote DBA Services

This webinar explores how Remote SQL DBA Services could help enhance your database strategy and future-proof your business.

Wednesday 13th Jan - 02:00PM

Remote Oracle DBA Services

This webinar will be looking at the challenges businesses are currently facing and delves into how Remote Oracle DBA Services can help enhance your database strategy.

Wednesday 13th Jan - 11:00AM

ISV Accelerator Programme

Discover DSP Explorer's ISV Accelerator Programme - accelerating ISVs growth though innovative support and services. Minimise the time and money spent on building and architecting cloud solutions, to give you more time to focus on selling applications and delivering excellent customer service.

Wednesday 27th Jan - 11:00AM

Oracle Licensing

Oracle Licensing can be a complex subject. Register for this NEW, and LIVE Oracle Licensing Webinar. We'll be covering the basics of Oracle Licensing and also the latest changes, such as the change in rules to Oracle Term Licenses.

Wednesday 20th Jan - 11:00AM

On-Demand Webinars

SQL Server Health Check

If your database applications are performing poorly for an unknown reason, a SQL Server Health Check could provide the tools to a secure, compliant, and highly performant estate. This On-Demand webinar sees DSP's Director of Innovation join one of our SQL Server experts to explain our exciting SQL Server Health Check offerings.

Disaster Recovery Solutions for On-Premise Oracle Databases

This webinar revisits the concept of Disaster Recovery and what is means for your business, exploring existing functionality of Oracle Database technology solutions, leveraging your Database investment using specialist technology from DB Visit as well as comparing the options and selecting the right model for your business.

Azure Sentiment Analysis: Exploring how Twitter experienced the 2018 Champions League Final

This webinar will use Azure Sentiment Analysis to explore hundreds of thousands of tweets sent during the 2018 Champions League final between Real Madrid and Liverpool, using Azure Machine Learning Studio.

Cochlear Implants Meets Machine Learning

DSP are proud to have come together with the National Institute for Health Research to use Oracle Data Science Services to improve the Cochlear Implant experience. Watch this on-demand webinar to discover the progress we have made so far and how we are making a real difference using our machine learning capabilities.

ADW Machine Learning vs Biff and Gray’s Sports Almanac

Machine Learning and Data: can you predict the future based on past events? In Back to the Future II, Biff famously used the Grays Sports Almanac to bet and win on every sporting event from the 1950s onwards. Now we have Autonomous Database and Machine Learning - can we use it to predict outcomes?

SQL Server Remote DBA Services

Explore how Remote SQL DBA Services can help enhance your database strategy, and about DSP's game changing Next-Generation SQL services.

Oracle Licensing

This webinar will cover the basics of Oracle licensing and delve into several key areas of concern for customers, including the licensing of virtualised environments, policies for disaster recovery systems, and licensing in public cloud environments such as Azure and AWS.

Data Platform Modernisation

This webinar will discuss common platform issues and how DSP's expert team of DBAs can assist you in developing a modernisation plan to fix them. Join the discussion on the benefits of modernisation, which can include lower costs and greater efficiency, as well as which migration options would best suit your business.

Enterprise DB PaaS with Azure and OCI Interconnect

Phil discuss' the 'enterprise dilemma',  where you have both Oracle & Azure workloads but don't know whether to go with Oracle Cloud or Azure. Phil solves the 'enterprise dilemma' by explaining how the Oracle and Azure interconnect works, but more importantly how it enables an Enterprise Database PaaS Strategy.

Remote Oracle DBA Services

This On-Demand Webinar will be looking at the challenges businesses are currently facing and delves into how Remote Oracle DBA Services can help enhance your database strategy. 

SQL Server in Azure Options

Are you looking for clarity on the various options of SQL Server in Azure? Not sure which would give you the right features with the least maintenance for your applications? DSP’s technical consultancy team have put together an invaluable webinar to discuss these options, along with the pros and cons of different scenarios.

Azure Machine Learning Analysis: What's on Your Watch List?

This webinar includes a technical look at Azure Machine Learning, a live demonstration, and an exploration of how the Studio experience differs from other available products.

EBS to OCI Migration

Explore the challenges that businesses are facing, delve into areas where quick wins may be possible and learn from key examples where DSP have helped businesses realise these benefits.

Optimise Your Database Strategy

Have you found it necessary to change working procedures and move to a remote model? This webinar will cover the challenges that our clients are facing and delve into which features they should be looking for in remote DBA services.

Conquering Database Performance Issues

Discover how you can provide your business with a performance monitoring solution across all your databases even on a Hybrid On-Prem/Cloud environment.

ISV Accelerator Programme

Let DSP help you minimise the time and money spent on building and architecting Cloud solutions, to give you more time to focus on selling applications.

PaaS Security

Catch up on DSP's PaaS Security webinar to find the answers to these challenges: Which security products you need, what they do in different areas, and how DSP translate products into solutions.


Why is it important to migrate from OCI Classic to OCI? This webinar will discuss why you should consider moving to OCI and how to ensure a smooth and speedy migration when it suits you.


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