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Oracle Managed Services
Oracle Managed Services

Pedigree in Oracle Support Services

Oracle Managed Services are at the core of our business, and have been for our two decades in business. If it's 3rd party specialist Oracle Support that you need, whether onsite or remote, cloud or legacy, then it's likely that our Oracle consultants have come across your situation before.


Oracle support runs in our DNA. We are the UK’s leading Oracle Platinum Partner with a proven track record of customer success. Our services are employed by over 100 enterprise and mid-sized clients, helping them reduce IT costs and increase the resilience of their critical Oracle-based applications. The availability of your database infrastructure, whether on-premise or in the cloud, is our priority. Our Oracle support team has the tools to manage, maintain, support, and administer your Oracle database environments around the clock.

Next-Generation Managed Services


Oracle Managed Services - Preventative Analytics


Preventative Analytics

Prevention V Cure. Our Oracle Managed Services deliver actionable insight and predictive analytics; working with you, rather than in a bubble, we proactively ensure that your enterprise workloads running on Oracle are as efficient as possible. 

Immediate ROI

Outsourcing core DBA services causes an instant reduction in costs. Typically, you can expect to reduce operational costs between 40% - 70% depending on your production system. Our proven  Oracle DBA team will help you de-risk your technology. Think about the investment possibilities with the savings!

Oracle Managed Service - Immediate ROI


Oracle Managed Services - Total Environment Support


Total Environment Support

Complete data platform support from operating system support (Windows, Linux, and Unix) through to the application layer, making incident diagnosis effective and efficient.


Round the clock service

We work 24/7x365 to ensure you don't have to. Our team of DBAs, across London, Basingstoke and Nottingham, use cutting edge service management tools to identify Severity 1 issues immediately so that overnight processes are not hindered.

Oracle Managed Services - Round the clock service


Oracle Managed Services

Oracle Specialists

Oracle Database is in our DNA. Accreditation's never tell the full story; however, our 20 year association with Oracle, our full range of Oracle specialisations and user references in most vertical markets make us very proud of the business we have built.


Success is all about teamwork. We need to work with your in-house teams, your application provider and maybe even our own competitors. We understand this. When we on-board you we'll get to know your key dependencies and tailor our communication channels accordingly.

Oracle Managed Services


Customer Success

DSP assisted Bridon in renovating core Oracle systems whilst leveraging the power of Oracle Cloud to modernise a BI architecture. The result: a consolidated database footprint, a modern hybrid infrastructure and reduced support costs.



Key Features of our Oracle Managed Services

Whilst organisations may use similar technologies, their support requirements will always differ. We understand this. At its heart, our Oracle support service is a DBA-developed monitoring suite that allows us to be lightning fast in our reactions to potential issues. However, the design of your service, the SLA, and the ability to use us in either ‘Fixed-Price’ or ‘Variable’ mode all comes down to tailoring, something that is simply part of the service.


Typical elements of an Oracle Managed Service includes:

  • Site Review and On-Boarding Service
  • 24 x 7 x 365 Performance Monitoring & Alerting
  • Weekly, Monthly, or Quarterly Health Checks
  • Pro-active Database Performance Tuning



  • Hotline Support Service
  • Management Information Reporting
  • Continuous Maintenance and Automated Patching
  • Backup, DR, Hosting, Cloud-enablement and Security auditing

Frequently Asked Questions

Is an Oracle Managed Service truly cheaper than using in-house resource?

Most of the time, yes, especially if you need support 24/7.  Typically our service is 30% cheaper than delivering service internally.

Accreditation's are all well and good, but how do you guarantee quality of service?

Our SLAs don't just focus on Break/Fix. Talk to us about our pro-active analytics and meaningful visual metrics which demonstrate the difference we are making over time.

Legacy support is straightforward, but how do you cope with supporting Oracle databases in cloud environments?

Our support systems are platform agnostic. In our opinion delivering a successful support service comes down to a well planned service take-on; we spend more time than most in getting things right from the start.

Oracle Accreditations