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Looking for Oracle Licensing Support?

DSP-Explorer are UK based Independent Oracle Licensing Specialists.

Oracle Licensing

Oracle Licensing

At DSP-Explorer we have been dealing with Oracle Licenses for over 25 Years. Consequently, we have become known within the industry for our Oracle Licensing expertise and are officially one of only three Oracle Partners in the UK and Ireland to offer accredited Oracle Licensing support.

Our specialist Oracle Licensing Account Directors pride themselves on their knowledge around this subject area and are only too happy to share this with our customers. 

Whether you're currently in an audit and need third party, independent Oracle audit support; or you want to ensure your estate is compliant with the latest Oracle licensing rules by undergoing a Software Asset Management review, or even if you're looking to get the most competitive pricing for your Oracle licensing purchase... get in touch today.

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We offer a range of Oracle Licensing Services

Oracle Audit Support

Do you have an Oracle GLAS (LMS) audit looming? Or maybe you’re currently halfway through one? Whatever it might be, our team of Oracle licensing experts will guide you through your Oracle License audit giving you the best options that are available. We provide independent, up-to-date, and reliable information based on the latest Oracle licensing policies.



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Oracle Audit Risk Assessment

Oracle Licensing audits can be a painful experience if your estate isn't compliant. Therefore, we provide an audit risk assessment which essentially is a top-level review of your existing licensing environment, so you won't get caught out. An investigation takes place where the risks, density and maturity of your Oracle licensing estate is analysed, allowing us to gather the relevant information to create a report to outline concerns and problem areas within the estate. As a result, this report will help to mitigate the risk if you were to be audited by Oracle. Click to read more.

Software Asset Management

We carry out an internal review of all your software to make sure that you are compliant with your Oracle licensing requirements. What we find is that organisations find it difficult to manage and control their software licenses (as there could be hundreds). We create a plan that reins all this into one place, so that you don’t have to worry about it. Consequently, this allows your IT department to be able to budget for their next financial year, and ensure that their organisation is up to date with their licenses and not at risk of legal liabilities. Click to discover more.

Oracle Licensing in Public Cloud

Want to discover more about how a public cloud offering such as Oracle Cloud, Azure or AWS could affect your Oracle licensing? Discover why more and more companies are seeing Oracle Licensing as a main 'trigger' to migrate to cloud. Click to read more.

Oracle Licensing Training

We offer a very unique one-to-one training course focused around Oracle licensing. It is available to everyone, no matter the level of ability on this subject area. This allows for individuals within your organisation to learn sought after licensing knowledge from our experts which can then be used to organise and control your Oracle licensing estate. Click to enquire.

Oracle Licensing Purchasing

Capitalise on our 25-year relationship with Oracle and utilise our management services for buying Oracle licenses. We'll ensure your environment is always compliant and as cost-efficient as possible. Click to discover why DSP-Explorer is trusted by one of the UK's biggest insurance companies to manage their Oracle Licensing buying process.

Oracle Licensing mistakes DSP-Explorer can help you avoid...

Use of Virtualisation software and Hardware Partitioning

Is your partitioning techniques either at a Hardware level or at a Hypervisor recognised by Oracle as a valid way of pinning resources?

Use of Enterprise Edition Options or Management Packs 

If in use are they correctly licensed, do they match the database licenses for the server in question?

Edition of Database is key

Use of Enterprise Edition is key as this mandates that all cores in servers count whereas Standard Editions just count occupied sockets.

Matching support levels

Oracle insist under their policies and terms that you must match support levels to be compliant, you cannot have some licenses in active support and licenses in the same product set where it is has lapsed or has been cancelled.

Know your definitions of users 

Oracle counts both human and non-human users. It is licensed on specifically named individuals or non-human interfaces e.g. 3 different shifts with 10 different named employees on each, would require 30 licenses.

Oracle Licensing Customer Success

“Allianz Technology Services UK use the services of DSP-Explorer to complement in-house sourcing and SAM personnel to increase our knowledge of Oracle licensing rules, as well as to mitigate against non-compliance risks relating to Oracle. They’re easy to work with, their services are comprehensive and we derive good value from the relationship.”

Oracle Licensing

LV Insurance

“DSP-Explorer has supported us with their License Advisory Service to mitigate any non-compliance risk and to help define and deliver on our Cloud migration strategies. I would not hesitate to recommend DSP-Explorer to any Oracle customer if they are considering their services.”

Oracle Licensing

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