Oracle Licensing

Oracle Licensing
Oracle Licensing

Oracle Licensing

DSP provide an Oracle Licensing service that allows our customers to feel in safe hands knowing that their database licensing needs are met by a trusted Oracle Platinum Partner and UKOUG Gold Winner.

Our specialist Oracle Licensing Account Managers pride themselves on the knowledge they hold around this subject area and are only too happy to share this with our customers. We provide our customers with the vital information needed to help them with; Oracle’s auditing process, providing audit risk and software asset management and Oracle license training.

We Provide a Range of Oracle Licensing Services...

Oracle Audit Support

Do you have an LMS audit looming? Or maybe you’re currently halfway through one? Whatever it might be, our team of Oracle licensing experts will guide you through the best options that are available to you. We provide independent, up-to-date, and reliable information based on the latest Oracle licensing policies. 


Oracle Audit Risk Assessment

We provide an audit risk assessment which essentially is a top level review of your existing licensing environment. An investigation takes place where the risks, density and maturity of your Oracle licensing estate is analysed, allowing us to gather the relevant information to create a report to outline concerns and problem areas within the estate. As a result, this report will help to mitigate the risk if you were to be audited by Oracle.

Oracle Software Asset Management

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We carry out an internal review of all your software to make sure that you are compliant with your Oracle licensing requirements. What we find is that organisations find it difficult to manage and control their software licenses (as there could be hundreds). We create a plan that reins all this into one place, so that you don’t have to worry about it. Consequently, this allows your IT department to be able to budget for their next financial year, and ensure that their organisation is up to date with their licenses and not at risk of legal liabilities.

Oracle License Training

We offer a very unique one-to-one training course focused around Oracle licensing. It is available to everyone, no matter the level of ability on this subject area. This allows for individuals within your organisation to learn sought after licensing knowledge from our experts which can then be used to organise and control your Oracle licensing estate.

On-Demand Oracle Licensing Webinar

Want to discover more about the basics of Oracle licensing? Watch our on-demand webinar, hosted by one of our in-house licensing specialists. 

The webinar covers the fundamentals of Oracle licensing and explores multiple key areas of concern for end-users, such as the licensing of virtualised environments, policies for disaster recovery systems, and licensing in public cloud environments other than OCI, such as Azure and AWS.

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Oracle Licensing - NUP or CPU

There are two types of licensing metrics to choose from, and it's important to pick the correct one for your environment. The wrong metric could be a costly error! Read this blog to discover basics of NUP and CPU.

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