Move to the cloud at your own pace... With over 70% of cloud migrations and deployments being 'test and development' environments, isn't it time you dipped your toes in the water?

Helping You Migrate to the Cloud

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dsp delivers continuous infrastructure services support to enable you to deliver continuous operational excellence

dsp is an Oracle Platinum Partner dedicated to fulfilling our customer promise: Infrastructure uptime. All the time

We complement our best in class experience and skills in Oracle technologies with experienced support for multi-vendor, cloud and hybrid flexible infrastructures. If you are looking to modernise your infrastructure architecture and migrate to robust cloud platforms dsp can help you gain the benefits of:

  • Reliable Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery protocols to give you the confidence that systems failure will only ever be a minor inconvenience and not a major catastrophe
  • Continuous back up and continuous maintenance
  • Easier administration by removing the need for license audits and licence compliance and audits. You won’t have to worry every again about software asset management because it’s all taken care of by dsp

Move to the cloud at your own pace

dsp appreciates that over 70% of cloud migrations and deployments are test and development environments. This is an ideal way to test cloud without exposing production environments to any unnecessary risks.

dsp provide Oracle Cloud Database Services:

  • dsp is the UK’s leading provider of Database and Data Platform Managed Services
  • Management and Support of Oracle in customers or dsp’s Private Cloud
  • Oracle Cloud Migration Services into Azure and Amazon Web Services combined with scalable support options.
  • Oracle Environment Support – i.e. hosted internally/externally or through 3rd party providers and data centres.
  • Secure, available and on-demand Oracle Database-as-a-Service, delivering total flexibility.

dsp helps you get it right: Managed Cloud Solutions and Data Management

dsp supports you on this journey so that you can evaluate the effectiveness of the cloud and validate its relevance for your business. We can also support you migrate, secure, store and manage your data.

Database as a Service (DbaaS)

dsp offers a wide range of skills combined with automated maintenance processes covering mainstream Oracle & SQL Server databases, alternative structures provided by NoSQL, and Big Data technologies such as MongoDB, Couchbase, Cassandra and Hadoop.

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Gain speed of innovation, elasticity and security while reducing costs. The old cumbersome and expensive approach of ploughing time and investment into your own IT infrastructure doesn’t help any business to align its operations to today’s challenges; ‘grow your own’ infrastructures are rapidly becoming IT obstacles that hamper quick growth.

Customers want it now – whatever it is. From financial institutions to retailers, if companies can’t deliver it now, they’re out of the game. To remove the obstacles, innovate quickly, keep costs realistic and respond to competitive pressures, companies are utilising cloud based IT infrastructure.

Platform as a Service (PaaS)

Reduce the cost of application development and go to market faster with PaaS With all the hype and excitement that surrounds strategies designed to drive agility, make digital transformation possible, and be more innovative in taking new services to market, have you stopped to think what and who ultimately makes it all possible? While all such initiatives start with lots of planning and not a little inspiration, when it comes down to it it’s the developer who has to make it happen with the technology that he or she has available.

For retailers and financial institutions to empower the rate and pace of new product development they need in their highly competitive markets, Platform as a Service offers the fastest route to acceleration. PaaS is the most cost-effective strategy for delivering the pragmatic tools and capabilities that will enable your development teams to build a stronger competitive advantage.

Data Management

Interwoven into the essential fabric and at the heart of every application you run, or service you provide, a burgeoning amount of data informs your actions, decisions, and ability to function at the top of your game. It grows every minute of the day.

Managing data is about making sure it’s always available and always recoverable. We can be an essential part of your data governance not simply to support efficient building, deploying, and managing of data driven applications but also so that your organisation can confidently depend on and trust the integrity and timeliness of its information assets.

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