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Vision for Finance and Banking

Enabling financial institutions to be in the financial lives of their customers…

At DSP we see how consumers are enjoying the benefits of their digital lifestyle, and expect no less from the financial institutions with which they interact. They are demanding a seamless, contextual experience regardless of channel or device.

We believe that for financial services institutions to be successful, you need to be present in the financial lives of your corporate and retail customers any time, any place, across any channel or any device.

DSP are therefore committed to delivering data and database management services, enabling new business models necessary to make this happen.

Imagine if…

  • Imagine if you had a seamless experience doing business with your bank anywhere and anytime.
  • Imagine if you had a 360 degree view of customers, could proactively identify customer needs, and collaborate more effectively with colleagues to provide service and market offers.
  • Imagine if you could use data insights to manage your market, credit, and operational risk more effectively.
  • Imagine if any business in the world could be your sales channel even for cross borders transactions, without escalating costs.

Customer Experience Journey

Finance - Digital Data Hotspots

Credit Suisse - Microsoft Customer Story

Reduce operational costs and streamline risk analysis process

Credit Suisse needed an innovative, integrated and cost effective solution to assess investment risk, counterparty risk and investment guideline monitoring for clients.

Business Needs
Credit Suisse wanted a flexible solution architecture that would allow additional risk analytics services to be plugged in as necessary. In this way, the bank would be able to use a broad range of complex asset management products.

The Solution
CSAM built its Strategic Performance, Exposure, Attribution, and Risk (SPEAR) business intelligence solution using Microsoft SQL Server and SharePoint Server.

After successful deployment in the CSAM United States office—as well as the Prime Services Risk Management Group of the investment bank—SPEAR is now being rolled out at CSAM’s Zurich HQ.


  • Reduced operational costs and streamlined risk analysis process
  • Better positioned to react quickly to changing requirements
  • Stay competitive, investment banks must process increasing volumes of trades and analytics quickly, in real-time

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