Advanced and Predictive Analytics

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure works in collaboration with other managed cloud databases to provide some of the most powerful, reliable, and secure systems in the world. Developers can increase productivity with maximum availability while safe in the knowledge that their work is continuously backed up and monitored 24/7.

As a CSP Tier 1 Partner, DSP can offer deeper engagement and added value through end-to-end specialist service. We can help your business reduce costs, reduce waste, and improve efficiency.


Azure | Advanced and Predictive Analytics

Advanced analytics use mathematical and statistical formulas and algorithms to generate new information, recognise patterns, and predict outcomes and their respective probabilities. Predictive analytics is a subdivision of this and focuses on the identification of future events and values with their respective probabilities.

Apply advanced and predictive analytics to gain valuable foresight into various areas of your organisation, from customer and demands trends to predictions of machine failures. Advanced analytics can also highlight new business opportunities and inform of potential new products and services.

Big data has become integral to modern businesses, and analysing that data with the correct tools can give businesses a serious competitive advantage. Don’t get left behind; stay one step ahead of the competition with Advanced and Predictive Analytics.

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