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Infrastructure Architectural Design

Couchbase has the ability to use more than on type of cache technology for its working set and fast access data: couchbase or memcached.

There are significant advantages with either of these technologies in terms of legacy support, performance, migration and supportability. dsp consultants will advise on the best use of each and design a solution based on the correct technologies to be utilities from a position of independence.

dsp will also look at the scale-out approach, number of replicas, underlying technology and the indexation strategies employed, providing options and solutions to common problems and client specific ones too.


Performance Optimisation

Much of Couchbase performance advantages come from the correct selection of caching techniques coupled with a deep understanding of its vBucket architecture. dsp understand how the technology is designed down to a fine-grain detail and are able to tuning for optimal performance advantage and recommend indexation and rebalancing strategies.


Security Analysis

Once again a distributed model suffers from all the inherent design vulnerabilities of its primary advantage. dsp can assist in identifying these vulnerabilities from the outset and recommend deployment best practices in addition to security reviews and application lock-downs.


Installation and deployment planning service

As with any data management system, flaws may be designed out to achieve optimisation within the budgetary constraints of any project, we are experts in achieving the most cost effective performance, security, availability and recoverability and even achieve levels of consistency near to RDBMS BASE models.

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