London - Workshop - Tuesday 12th March 2019

Facing platform ‘end of life’ issues – along with increasing pressures to digitise processes, increase profitability, and innovate on product and service – organisations are finding that Data Platform Modernisation projects for both on-premise and cloud environments can deliver significant value by enabling IT cost reductions, improving service levels, and increasing agility.

An effective Platform Modernisation project factors in a combination of architecture refreshing, ongoing software upgrades, and targeted application remediation to deliver a platform that offers the optimum combination of TCO, performance, and business innovation.

Microsoft and DSP together offer proven approaches to modernisation projects. We ensure rapid delivery at minimum risk while maximising the value that is returned to the business in terms of enhanced capability at low cost.

Why attend the event?
Our workshop offers all attendees the opportunity to learn from experienced and renowned experts. They will provide real examples of how customers have delivered significant cost savings and enhanced business outcomes.
The “round table” format will encourage discussion during the presentations, the sharing of ideas, and allow you to learn from peers.
Who should join?

Heads of IT and Infrastructure Managers will find this workshop helpful in understanding how to execute and govern a modernisation programme that ensures tight control of budget and risk while delivering the optimum value back to business stakeholders.

Data Platform Architects will find the workshop useful to understand how to take advantage of modern data platform technologies to build the optimum data architecture (on-premise and in Microsoft Azure) for their business needs.

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