Data Platform

11:00am, Wednesday 1st July 2020

Have you been experiencing poor performance on your current platforms? Perhaps your system is outdated or unnecessarily expensive. Whatever the case, a Data Platform Modernisation project could be the key to transforming your estate.

This webinar will discuss common platform issues and how DSP's expert team of DBAs can assist you in developing a modernisation plan to fix them.

Join the discussion on the benefits of modernisation, which can include lower costs and greater efficiency, as well as which migration options would best suit your business.

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  • Data Platform Modernisation
  • Data Platform Modernisation
  • Data Platform Modernisation

This webinar will present the following...

Common issues with outdated Platforms

  • Why your platform could be slowing you down - issues to watch out for
  • The risks of not keeping your estate up-to-date
  • Reasons for modernising - cost, security, and much more.

Benefits of Modernisation

  • A technical look at the improved features and security posture available post-modernisation
  • How best to approach a platform migration
  • Additional Azure Services and migration options

How can DSP help?

  • Technical consultant to guide you through the webinar
  • Q&A to ask any technical queries regarding Modernisation
  • Help you to choose the best option for you and your applications