Data Platform

11:00am, Wednesday 28th October 2020

Are you experiencing poor performance on your current platforms? Is your system outdated, out of support or lacking in necessary features and functionality? Is it too costly? If you answered Yes to any or all of these questions, you should consider a Data Platform Modernisation project.

This webinar will discuss common issues and how DSP's expert team of architects will work with you to design a solution and develop a plan to address them.

Join this webinar to discuss the benefits of data platform modernisation, and to gain an understanding as to which migration approaches might suit you best.

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  • Data Platform Modernisation
  • Data Platform Modernisation
  • Data Platform Modernisation

This webinar will present the following...

Common issues with Legacy Platforms

  • An outdated or out of support platform could be slowing you down
  • Legacy applications can incur unnecessary expense, boast inadequate functionality, and hinder performance
  • Security risks from not keeping your estate up-to-date

Benefits of Modernisation

  • Improved features and security posture: take a technical look at the features available post-modernisation
  • Reduced cost, improved security, performance and more
  • Pros and cons of remaining on-prem or migrating to cloud

How can DSP help?

  • Q&A  with technical consultant after the webinar
  • Customer focused delivery workshops, detailed technical planning and execution to lead you to choose the best solution for your applications
  • Comprehensive Managed Services offering post-migration