Database Monitoring

The DSP Way

With today’s 24-hour global culture, organisations are forced to trade around the clock; meaning constant access to their database is required in order for transactions to be made. It only seems right to provide a service to our clients to match these demands.

Here at DSP, we pride ourselves on being the UK’s first 24*7 Proactive Database Service Provider; the main aspect of which is continuous monitoring for our client’s data and databases, whether they be on premise or up in the cloud.

Our dedicated team of DBA’s based both in the UK and Europe have adopted a “follow the sun” model to ensure that all of our client database environments are always being monitored and nothing is ever missed. Our in-house monitoring solution allows our teams to keep a close eye on the condition of these database environments; pre-empting threats and resolving issues with haste, thus allowing us to provide unparalleled insight into the behaviour of the technology stack.

Our “light weight” monitoring solution means we can customise it to your database and observe the parts of your environment that really matter to you; whilst delivering constant database health checks and reports without having to sacrifice valuable time.

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