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Are you looking for Oracle Licensing Services?

Avoid unbudgeted expenses and stay compliant with DSP Oracle licensing services. We are one of three fully accredited Oracle licensing partners, with decades of experience in helping organisations remain compliant while staying within the budget.

Oracle Licensing Services

How Compliant is your Oracle Estate?

Licensing compliance is an important area for any business. Oracle have very complex licensing rules and policies which, if not strictly adhered to, can leave a large and unbudgeted cost exposure to any business. DSP have extensive knowledge of Oracle's licensing policies and can help you navigate the key areas you need to understand to ensure full compliance.

Watch our On-Demand Webinar at your leisure, to help you learn all you need to know about Oracle Licensing. This session covers the basics of Oracle licensing and delve into several of the key areas with which customers regularly have issues, such as the licensing of virtualised environments, policies for disaster recovery systems, and licensing in public cloud environments such as Azure and AWS.


Planning a Public Cloud Migration?

If you are looking at migrating to a public cloud or upgrading your hardware, understanding the impact of your many options - and which is most suited to your estate - is essential to a successful move.

By watching our On-Demand Oracle Licensing webinar you will understand which areas of Oracle’s licensing policy could affect your business, and how DSPccan engage to mitigate any commercial exposure and keep you compliant.

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We offer a range of Oracle Licensing Services...

Oracle Audit Support

Do you have an Oracle GLAS (LMS) audit looming? Or maybe you’re currently halfway through one? Whatever it might be, our team of Oracle licensing experts will guide you through your Oracle License audit, giving you the best options that are available. We provide independent, up-to-date, and reliable information based on the latest Oracle licensing policies.

Audit Risk Assessment

Oracle Licensing audits can be a painful experience if your estate isn't compliant. Therefore, we provide an audit risk assessment which is a top-level review of your environment, so you won't get caught out. As the investigation takes place, your Oracle licensing estate is analysed, allowing us to gather the information for a report to outline concerns within the estate. 

Software Asset Management (SAM)

We carry out a review of your software to make sure that you are compliant with your Oracle licensing requirements. We create a plan that reins this into one place, so that you don’t have to worry about it. This allows you to budget for the next financial year and ensure that you are up to date with the licenses and not at risk of legal liabilities.

Oracle Licensing in Public Cloud

Want to discover more about how a public cloud offering such as Oracle Cloud, Azure or AWS could affect your Oracle licensing? Discover why more and more companies are seeing Oracle Licensing as a main 'trigger' to migrate to the cloud. 

Oracle Licensing Training

We offer a very unique one-to-one training course focused around Oracle licensing. It is available to everyone, no matter the level of ability on this subject area. This allows for individuals within your organisation to learn sought-after licensing knowledge from our experts which can then be used to organise and control your Oracle licensing estate.

Oracle Licensing Purchasing

Capitalise on our 25-year relationship with Oracle and utilise our management services for buying Oracle licenses. We'll ensure your environment is always compliant and as cost-efficient as possible. Click to discover why DSP is trusted by one of the UK's biggest insurance companies to manage their Oracle Licensing buying process.

DSP Oracle Licensing compliance checklist

Ensure you stay compliant while maximising your licensing investment.

Why DSP?

For over two decades we have been helping organisations reduce risk and save costs on licensing their estates. We have a comprehensive set of capabilities to review and refactor your licensing to ensure you are both compliant and maximising your investment in Oracle technology.

We pride ourselves on helping organisations make the best decisions and ensuring that we build long-term, positive relationships.

Our Expertise

DSP provides an Oracle Licensing solution that allows our customers to feel in safe hands knowing that their database licensing needs are meet by a trusted Oracle Platinum Partner and UKOUG Gold Winner. We can help reduce the stress of managing:

  • Oracle Cloud Migration Services into Oracle Cloud with scalable support options
  • Management and Support of applications in Oracle Cloud
  • Oracle Environment Support
  • Delivery of secure, available and on-demand Oracle DaaS (Database-As-A-Service), resulting in total flexibility.

We'll work to understand your business needs and optimise your licensing to suit you.

Our specialist Oracle Licensing Account Managers pride themselves on the knowledge they hold around Oracle Licensing and are only too happy to share it with our customers. We provide our customers with the vital information needed to help them navigate Oracle’s auditing process, as well as providing audit risk and software asset management and Oracle license training.


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