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End-to-End Oracle Cloud Solutions Provider (CSP)

We are an Oracle Cloud solutions provider (CSP) committed to providing businesses with seamless end-to-end Oracle Cloud services that support and enhance their IT investments. Our services include professional and managed services for Oracle Applications and Databases, designed to support businesses in managing their Oracle infrastructure, data, and applications efficiently.

Our proactive approach is aimed at enabling businesses to focus on their core operations while we manage their technology needs. We offer a full spectrum service, providing our customers with everything they need to achieve maximum returns from their Oracle investments.

By leveraging our expertise and experience in Oracle Cloud, we are confident that we deliver the support and advice businesses need to thrive now and in the future.

Oracle Cloud Managed Service

Oracle Database to Oracle Cloud Expertise

Oracle Cloud Platform


Oracle Cloud Data Management Autonomous

Oracle Cloud Platform Data Management

Oracle Database to Oracle Cloud


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With our end-to-end Oracle Cloud capabilities delivered seamlessly through dedicated account management and customer excellence teams, our Oracle Cloud consultancy and managed services enable our customers to realise the true benefits of Oracle Cloud.

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Keeping pace with your Cloud provider...


As a leading provider of Oracle Cloud Services, we pride ourselves on the cutting-edge delivery we offer to our customers, making sure they can take advantage of the latest advancements and innovations within the Oracle Cloud platform.

Oracle Cloud Solutions Provider

With seamless end-to-end services delivered via dedicated account managers and customer excellence teams, our commitment is to ensuring customers get 100% value from their Oracle Cloud investments. 

...with industry leading services


Professional Services

We offer consultancy for every stage of the Oracle Cloud journey, from initial OCI evaluation and PoC, to the migration of pre-existing workloads, and data management. During every engagement, we always consider your Cloud environment's predictability, reliability, security, and ROI. 

Cloud-Native Capabilities

Our capabilities go far beyond that of a traditional MSP. We have a large Enterprise Application development team, focused on building new, or extending existing applications while taking advantage of the unique characteristics of Oracle, Microsoft, Google, and AWS cloud environments. 

Managed Services

Often seen as a ‘business and usual’ service offering, our Managed Services capabilities are proactive by design, ensuring that all the day-to-day needs of Database, Cloud, and Application management are met, so your team can focus on core business priorities.

Tools, Platform, and Automation

Through our in-house Innovations Team, we facilitate our Cloud customers’ transformational requirements through AI, ML, and DevOps innovations.

Baseline capabilities

We see these as fundamental requirements and core features that ensure excellence as standard. This allows us to focus on customer success in planning and onboarding, security and compliance, multi-cloud capabilities, and support services.

Something to consider...

When selecting a Cloud Solutions Partner (CSP), it’s essential to assess their capabilities in:

  • Cloud migration
  • Modernising legacy applications
  • Strategic cloud transformation
  • Monitoring and optimisation of existing environments
  • Commercial and technical knowledge-share with your company

DSP Cloud Customers

End-to-End Oracle Cloud Solutions: Consultancy & Managed Services

Where are you in your Oracle Cloud journey:

Oracle Cloud

New to Oracle Cloud?

If you are researching Oracle Cloud's capabilities, we can support in you in building a business case to present back to key stakeholders within your organisation. This will include:

1) Business Requirements: an evaluation of business requirements and alignment to OCI capabilities, looking at scalability, data security, compliance, and system integration.

2) Cost: We'll help determine the feasibility of OCI through an in-depth cost review. We can benchmark the cost of Oracle Cloud to other providers such as Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, and AWS to ensure you get the best ROI for your investments in the long term.

3) Performance Assessment: There are various ways we can deliver this, either through evaluating existing benchmark metrics on latency and throughput. Alternatively we can conduct a Bitesized PoC where we’ll run an orientation workshop, implement a bitesize deployment as Proof of Value and provide technical support for the creation of an OCI Roadmap.

4) Vendor lock-in assessment: We'll help you understand to what extent you are tied into OCI and how easy it will be to migrate away in the future should you need to do so.

5) On-going Support and Professional Services: If you don’t have the in-house capabilities to manage your Oracle Cloud environment, we offer end-to-end services that can support you beyond migration.


Design and Development
in Oracle Cloud

Architecture Design and Development

During this phase of the Cloud journey, we will assess your business application requirements and develop your Oracle Cloud infrastructure accordingly. Looking at either IaaS or PaaS requirements, we'll also take into account additional needs for compute and storage, networking architecture, security, data management, compliance and governance, cost optimisation, and ongoing monitoring and management. We will also consider Cloud to Cloud, hybrid, and ‘everything in between’ configurations. 

  • Architecture documentation
  • Draft Bill of Materials
  • Ratification
  • Solution highlights
  • Infra & Service costing
  • Networks deployments
  • Infrastructure
  • Connectivity
  • Utilities
  • Monitoring


to Oracle Cloud

Move with confidence

We offer extensive services around Oracle Cloud migrations to cater to every requirement and eventuality.

With tried and tested formulas to make the process run smoothly, we’ll work in close partnership with your teams throughout the process to ensure that downtime is reduced to a minimum and your estate is fully optimised with the highest levels of performance possible.

Our migration services generally follow one of the below patterns:

  1. Application-First Migration: Whether you want to run Oracle Applications (or non-Oracle Applications) in Oracle Cloud, our service will move any mission-critical application to OCI with confidence, for improved performance, scalability, and reduced costs.
  2. Any Database to Oracle Cloud: As database experts and with database management at the very core of our service offering, we can help conduct the seamless migration of any database to Oracle Cloud.
  3. Oracle Alloy: Get the flexibility of Oracle Cloud without having to use a Public Cloud model, with our private cloud solution.
  4. Oracle Hybrid Cloud: Have the best of both worlds with a blend of on-premise and Cloud-based architecture.
  5. Oracle Azure Interconnect: Run your applications in Azure while taking advantage of hosting your database in Oracle Cloud. There are significant advantages to be made with seamless cross-cloud platform integration.
  6. Autonomous Database: Eliminate the complexities of operating a data warehouse and automate your cloud admin.
  7. Oracle Cloud Licensing Services: Ensure your Oracle estate is compliant prior to an audit and ensure you are only paying for what you use.


Manage and Optimise
your existing Oracle Cloud environment

Oracle Cloud Managed Service

Our OCI Managed Service offering provides a flexible wrapper around your Oracle Cloud environment, which can be managed either in conjunction with your internal teams or as a standalone full-service solution, available on an up to 24/7/365 basis.

By leveraging this service, you'll achieve cost reductions, increased scalability, and access to the industry-leading expertise of our Cloud professional services.

By design, our managed service solution is focused on ensuring our customers’ business operations run smoothly and efficiently. When researching your potential Oracle Cloud Managed Service provider, it’s important to assess the following

  • Expertise: DSP has one of Europe's most accredited Oracle Cloud technical teams.
  • Service Level Agreements: We offer very clear SLAs that can be tailored to your business requirements. These focus on service levels around up-time, Oracle Cloud performance, and response times.
  • Security: Not only do we continually heavily invest in our ISO certifications, but also in our capabilities to protect our customers’ data, applications, and databases from internal/external threats.
  • Support: We offer industry-leading support and consultancy across multiple database and cloud technologies. This revolves around troubleshooting and problem resolution with dedicated support teams.
  • Cost: Our managed service offering is always cheaper than delivering in-house while leveraging industry-leading technical capabilities and monitoring solutions. We have no hidden costs, with upfront and ongoing fees clearly outlined.
  • Reputation: Having provided managed services and customer support since 1999, we have earned a strong reputation as industry leaders in the market. Throughout this time, we have maintained a close partnership with Oracle and remained focused on supporting their technologies across both database and application domains. We are also listed in the Gartner Oracle Cloud Market Guide as leading providers in this area.
Data Management
your existing Oracle Cloud environment

Comprehensive Oracle Cloud Data Services

Our Oracle Cloud Data Services ensure companies implement best practice solutions when managing data in the Cloud. We offer a comprehensive service that aligns business goals and objectives to outcomes, covering several critical areas, such as data security, compliance, storage, processing, integration, connectivity, and more.

By addressing these critical areas, our customers can have peace of mind that their data is safe, secure, and efficiently managed.

Oracle Cloud Consultancy and Managed Services

Our Oracle Cloud consultancy and managed services provide customers with seamless, end-to-end capabilities delivered through dedicated account management and customer excellence teams.

By leveraging our expertise, customers can fully realise the benefits of Oracle Cloud, from planning and implementation to ongoing optimisation and support.

With a focus on customer excellence, our team is dedicated to providing tailored solutions that meet the unique needs of each customer, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free experience. Whether customers need assistance with migration, training, or ongoing technical support, our team is committed to delivering the highest level of service.

With a strong portfolio of Oracle Cloud services and solutions, tailored to the needs of our customers, we have a 100% track record of successful Cloud deployments.

We ensure our customers can realise their Cloud goals of maximised scalability, flexibility, and reliability while minimising risks and costs.

This complements our core managed service capabilities:

  • Best-in-class technical support with 24/7 availability
  • Ongoing commitment to security
  • Pro-active ticketing resolution
  • Value-added services such as migration assistance, knowledge transfer and training programs, and AI, ML analytics capabilities.

Industry specialisations

Oracle Cloud Solutions Provider Retail Expert


We help our retail customers achieve cost-efficient business operations, improved buying experiences and increased personalisation across all buying channels.

Oracle Cloud Solutions Provider Finance Expert


We protect our finance customers' sensitive data, help them stay compliant, and offer the technical support needed to help their business thrive.

Oracle Cloud Solutions Provider Manufacturing Expert


DSP is a leading provider of IT services for manufacturing, helping our customers improve productivity, continue to innovate and meet their priorities, now and in the future.

Oracle Cloud Solutions Provider Travel and Transport Expert


We help travel and transport operators create powerful IT ecosystems that enable secure, adaptable, and efficient operations whilst optimising costs.

Oracle Cloud Solutions Provider Public Sector Expert

Public Sector

We help public sector organisations overcome the challenges of antiquated legacy systems, skills shortfalls and under-utilised data to maximise resources and provide outstanding public services.

Oracle Cloud Solutions Provider ISV Expert

Software Vendors

Our dedicated ISV practice helps accelerate growth, enhance the customer experience, and add value through our multiple ISV solutions, services and support.

Enterprise-grade solutions

Take an 'Application First' approach to Oracle Cloud migration

...and unlock the full potential of your applications with our tailored approach to migration.


An application-first approach to Cloud migration involves focusing on the migration of individual applications or workloads, rather than simply moving infrastructure to the cloud. This approach requires a deep understanding of the specific requirements of each application, and then selecting the appropriate Cloud services and configurations to best support those requirements.

E-Business Suite Services

Oracle E-Business Suite is our speciality. We can help with implementations, upgrades, enhancements and support to help you make the most of what the application has to offer.

More on our E-Business Suite services

PeopleSoft Services

Our specialists can help with implementations, extensions, upgrades and support. With us, you'll know that your employee data management is secure and delivering for you.

More on our PeopleSoft servicers

Hyperion Services

We'll help you implement, upgrade, manage and extend your Hyperion application, so you can plan and make decisions more effectively based on real-time information and data.


More on our Hyperion services

JD Edwards Services

With our guidance and support, you'll know you're getting optimum performance and value from your application. We can assist with migrations, enhancements and support.

More on our JD Edwards services

Essbase Services

Our experts will help you deploy and manage your Essbase application so you know your analytics and reporting are reliably delivering insight and value to your organisation.

More on our Essbase Services

Primavera Services

Have peace of mind that your mission-critical project management application is working at optimal capacity.  We help with upgrades, implementations, support and extensions.

More on our Primavera Services

Move your 'Custom Build' applications to Cloud

If your business still relies on on-premises servers to host your custom-built applications, it may be time to consider moving them to the cloud. By doing so, you can take advantage of the benefits of cloud computing, including reduced costs, greater scalability, and enhanced reliability.

More on our ISV services

Take a 'Database First' approach to Oracle Cloud migration.

Mitigating risk, reducing downtime and ensuring a successful Oracle Cloud migration.

With a ‘Database First’ approach to Cloud migration, we focus on identifying databases as the critical component of your IT infrastructure and migrating it before any other service or application. This approach ensures it is fully optimised within the Cloud environment before moving any applications that run off it.

This method means we can test for performance, scalability, latency, and security and make any required changes beforehand. As with any database migration, we undergo an in-depth assessment of the existing database environment, including data structures, dependencies, and performance metrics.

Database Migration

Our motto is 'Any Database| Any Cloud'. We offer advice and support for moving any database to OCI.

Read more

Autonomous Database

Eliminate the complexities of operating a data warehouse and automate your cloud database admin.

Read more

Oracle Hybrid Cloud

Get the best of both worlds and take advantage of the cloud where appropriate whilst keeping some of your infrastructure on-premise.

Read more

Database Managed Service

We can look after the ongoing management and maintenance of your Oracle Database with services such as automated backups, patches and upgrades, performance tuning, security management, and disaster recovery.

Read more

Oracle Database Licensing

When you move your database to the Cloud (Oracle Cloud, Microsoft Azure or any other) we will ensure your estate is compliant prior to an audit and that you're not paying for more licenses than you need.

Read more


The big advantage of the cloud is cross-platform collaboration. See how things like the Oracle-Microsoft interconnect can work for you.

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Database Consolidation

Bring a spiralling estate under control with a consolidation exercise to reduce unnecessary overheads. 

Read more

OCI Proof of Concept

Assess what a move to OCI means for your organisation, with a PoC built specifically for you by our architects.

Read more

Oracle Alloy

Get the flexibility of the cloud via DSP, without having to use a public cloud model.

Read more

Leading Oracle Partner
Skilled and experienced to ensure success

Quite possibly the most decorated
Oracle Partner in Europe...

Oracle Expertise accreditations constitute proof of competency, demonstrated customer success and continued commitment, whether a partner is building on, selling, or implementing Oracle technology.

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Internet of Clouds
Capabilities across multiple Clouds.

Unlock your business's potential with end-to-end Multi-Cloud capabilities across Oracle Cloud, Microsoft Cloud, Google Cloud, and AWS. 

We offer end-to-end multi-cloud capabilities that allow our customers to hyper-scale across four major cloud platforms: Oracle Cloud, Microsoft Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud.

As such, our multi-cloud consultancy and managed services allow businesses to achieve greater flexibility, scalability, and resilience across multiple cloud platforms.

By "cherry-picking" from a wider range of "best-of-breed" cloud-native services and customising networking, compute, storage, and security, our customers can drive optimal performance and cost savings.

With a cross-cloud service provider like DSP, we can streamline cloud management, so you can enjoy greater flexibility and scalability, and the reduced costs associated with managing multiple cloud platforms.

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Did you know...

We are Europe's only technology partner with Oracle CSP and Microsoft Azure CSP credentials.

Data Management
Comprehensive strategy capabilities, blending technology, processes, and people.

The devil is in the 'data'

Effective data management in the cloud requires a comprehensive strategy that addresses all of these areas and aligns with the organisation's goals and objectives.

Our Data Management Services cover the following areas:

  • Machine learning and AI
  • Data security
  • Data compliance
  • Data sovereignty
  • Data storage
  • Data processing
  • Data integration
  • Data connectivity
  • API development
Oracle Licensing Experts
On-prem, Hybrid or in the Cloud

Oracle Cloud Licensing Services

DSP's comprehensive Oracle Cloud Licensing Service is specifically designed to assist clients in understanding the licensing implications of deploying Oracle workloads in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). With the increasing number of businesses migrating critical Oracle databases to OCI, it is crucial to ensure that software licensing is both optimised and compliant as part of their migration strategy.

Leveraging our extensive knowledge and expertise, DSP's Oracle Cloud Licensing Services can help model the most cost-effective deployment method, whether you're migrating existing licenses using the Bring Your Own License (BYOL) model or deploying with the License-included model. Our services also protects your investment in existing Oracle licenses and support, monitor ongoing usage, and ensure compliance.

Whether you are a small business or a large enterprise, DSP's Oracle Cloud Licensing Services can assist you in maximizing the value of your software investments while minimising the risks and costs associated with licensing and migrating to the cloud.

Sustainable Practices Experts
Minimise your impact on the environment

Oracle Carbon Assessment

Understand and minimise your impact on the environment with an Oracle carbon assessment.

Reducing the impact of operations on climate change is the business challenge of our time.  The carbon footprint of an organisation’s IT infrastructure can be considerable, but with the right advice and assistance, reducing the negative effect on the environment is achievable.

As environmental regulation becomes increasingly stringent and organisations set themselves ambitious targets, DSP offers a specialist Oracle carbon assessment to identify an organisation’s carbon footprint and provide guidance on lowering it. This will usually involve a consolidation exercise to simplify an estate and reduce wastage. This has the added benefit of reducing unnecessary overheads as well – a win-win outcome for the business and the environment.


of corporate servers are in 'zombie mode', contributing little but consuming energy, according to a recent survey.


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