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Do you need our support with Business Intelligence Services?

We can help businesses deliver value from business-critical data with our Business Intelligence Services

Business Intelligence Services
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The search for better business insight ends here...

We build bespoke AI solutions designed to help your company automate, optimise and extract insights. Speak to one of our experts today about improving your products and services.

Assessment & Technology Consulting

Align your business goals, requirements and IT capacities with data-driven opportunities:

  • Technology environment assessment
  • Functional business needs assessment
  • Corporate standards, policy and security environment assessment
  • Implementation approach proposal

Data Integration

High-performance ETL engines for qualitative transformation of fragmented data silos:

  • Data aggregation from a variety of sources. These include; applications, XML, mainframe, flat files, social media, Hadoop, NoSQL, RDBMS, and machine data.
  • Custom adapters and connectors to rare data formats

Data Warehousing

Move your data to BI-ready warehouses and data marts:

  • Database architecture design and data modelling
  • Data quality management
  • Metadata management
  • Enterprise-class discovery and search
  • Data migration services
  • Database maintenance and optimisation

Core Analytics

Utilising advanced technologies for real-world business success:

  • Stream data analytical processing
  • Predictive analytics
  • Data mining
  • Machine learning
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions
  • OLAP cubes for big data cases
  • KPI calculations setup and implementation of configuration tools

Data Presentation

Progress from complex ideas into actionable insights with clarity, precision, and elegance:

  • Real-time visualization dashboards distributed through web, mobile, and API
  • Personalized experiences and restricted user access to specific data types and level of detail
  • Manageable report builders and data export tools

Data Consolidation

Consolidate your data to increase time and resource efficiency. We offer:
  • Consolidation of multiple data types: structured unstructured, semi-structured, real-time, batch, etc.
  • Data normalization, profiling, and cleansing
  • Proficient Data Warehousing

Data Science Discovery Workshop

We combine our award-winning expertise of data & data platforms with your specialist business knowledge to identify & define potential AI/ML use cases.

Business Intelligence Services

Big on big data.

Our BI consulting covers a range of services designed to empower our clients.

Consulting that empowers

Delivering BI consulting services

Understanding the needs of our clients is key to quality BI consultancy. We will take time to familiarise ourselves with your business and the challenges you face, in order to come up with an optimised business intelligence roadmap to deliver insight from your data.

This roadmap will illustrate how your range of BI capabilities should develop over time. Each stage should add value to your estate and move you closer to your optimisation goals. Early results from a project give you valuable insights upfront, which will help accelerate the delivery of your BI strategy in the long run.

Breakthrough designs

Designs to fit your needs and empower your business

As a Microsoft Partner of the past 19 years, our team are experts in designing BI solutions that run on SQL Server and the Microsoft BI stack. If you are interested in exploring a cloud-first approach, speak to us today to find out how you could make use of the Azure BI services available.

Alternatively, if you’re on-premise or considering a hybrid solution we can also provide a design to suit your requirements. The capabilities of Azure BI evolve at a rapid pace, and it is our business to stay up to date with the latest innovations. We will equip you to make the most of the technology available, whilst keeping you true to the core objectives of your BI strategy.

Delivery that works

Ongoing support from our expert team

We are passionate about our work, and customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance to our team. Delivering complex projects can be a tough and lengthy process, but we’ll be there for those difficult stages in your project that make all the difference.

Our agile approach to development allows us to deal with unforeseen business challenges or regulatory changes, and keep your project on track. We also believe in empowering our clients to help themselves drive their Azure BI solutions forwards. When we work in collaboration with your team, we endeavour to pass on our knowledge and understanding in a transparent manner, so we’re all aiming for the best possible delivery.

Speak to an 
expert today

Bringing BI to business

Machine learning is an industry agnostic tool. Our Business Intelligence services are designed to bridge the gap between your use case and our skillset. Below you can read about the various technologies and techniques we use to apply machine learning to various problems, to make your data work for you.

  • Power BI
  • Azure Machine Learning
  • Azure Data Services
  • Azure HDinsight
  • Oracle Data Science
  • SSRS
  • SSIS
  • SSAS
  • Oracle Analytics Cloud
  • Tableau
  • Alteryx
  • Data Studio (GCP)

Providing Access to the Cutting Edge

Our excellence in big data & the development of BI solutions build upon over 25 years of experience in implementing well-orchestrated technologies, methodologies, and tools across the entire data cycle.

Our expert team are constantly renewing their knowledge to make sure we can offer the latest in innovative technology, as well as tried-and-tested solutions.

Business Analysts

Tired of getting lost navigating the big data landscape? Our business analysts will help you work out your key business goals and the best strategy to reach them.

Big Data Architects & Engineers

Driven by DevOps and rapid application development principles, the activities of our expert team incorporate performance engineering with end-to-end software QA and testing.

Data Scientists

We are experts at using innovative BI technologies to achieve a potentially multiplicative effect on business, and to curate the data veracity of the analysis pipeline.

Database Administration

We know how to design a data warehouse that is reliable, scalable and fast. We are experts in administering and enhancing database environments that are effective, trouble-free and secure.

Customer Success

"Working closely in partnership with DSP and leveraging the power of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Data Science has enabled our team to gain new insights into how we can apply cutting edge machine learning approaches to help solve a challenging clinical need.”

“This partnership is helping us to develop mathematical models of how implants are programmed in the weeks and months following surgery, and once refined will have direct and immediate applications in the clinical environment for patient benefit.”

Padraig Kitterick
Hearing Team Lead | NIHR Nottingham Biomedical Research Centre

"DSP has helped the National Institute of Health Research to apply Machine Learning to enable the predictive programming of Cochlear implants. We understand the capabilities of Machine Learning and data. This means that, regardless of any industry-specific elements of your problem, DSP can offer insights into your data and help build new ways of interpreting existing data using Machine Learning models."

Padraig Kitterick
Hearing Team Lead | NIHR Nottingham Biomedical Research Centre

Read on for more info on our Data Science solutions...

Data and Analytics

AI solutions presenting countless ways to refine and rethink how businesses utilise their data. Reviewing how you maintain and utilise your data assets will take you one step further to being a data-driven company.

Machine Learning Consulting Services

Our bespoke Machine Learning solutions help your company automate, optimise and extract insights to improve your products and services. Whether you want to improve your data maturity or discuss industry use-cases, our team are ready to help.

Responsible AI

Alongside the valuable opportunities presented by Artificial Intelligence comes a sense of responsibility to individual businesses and the wider industry. Find out how we are working to practice responsible AI.



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