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Microsoft Azure offers a consistent and reliable cloud service and DSP can help to bridge the gap between what your business needs and your business maximising its potential.

As an award-winning Microsoft Gold Partner and Tier 1 CSP,  we can be your trusted partner who can take you from start to finish. Discover every step below from Data Platform Modernisation all the way through to Azure Support. 


Move Workloads into Azure

Microsoft Azure allows developers to safely move their workloads to the cloud with minimal disruption; experience the benefits of automated updates, flexibility, cost reduction, and the highest availability.


Discover the countless benefits of moving specific workloads to Azure.

Moving Workloads into Azure

Move Workloads into Azure


Data Visualisation


Data Visualisation

Bring your business intelligence to life. Power BI is a powerful business analytic tool which can unify your organisations data. Power BI Reporting Server is considered a ‘one-stop-shop’ reporting solution, making organising and sharing reports simple and efficient.


Power BI and Power BI Reporting Server

Azure Support

DSP helps you get more out of your Azure service with support from knowledgeable account managers, proactive monitoring and access to resources and best practices. A managed support service from DSP helps you plan the best Azure strategies – ensuring data reliability, data security and high availability.


Azure Support

Azure Support


Data Platform Modernisation

What does it consist of?

Azure Migration



Upgrading the database technology is the first step, and it's a crucial one. It is vital your database is optimised, and by updating it to an improved version can massively improve the process.


 Instead of having separate physical servers for each project – with their own hardware, databases and software, and their own individual support and maintenance overheads, you merge your solutions onto fewer machines.

Azure Migration


Azure Optimisation



Optimising the database to your business needs is the final piece of the puzzle. It results in better performance, recovery, provisioning and cost.

The Benefits of Data Platform Modernisation

Reduced Number of SQL Servers

Up to 80% less using MS SQL 2014 technology. There is no need to have dedicated servers for specific applications.

Instant Recovery with near minutes RPO/RTO's

Optimised and fully testable recovery for individual databases (and therefore line of business services)

Reduced Licensing Spending

By consolidating, you don’t buy as many SQL Servers as you previously did, consequently reducing your licensing spend.

Reduced Infrastructure Spend

You will use less rack space, fewer servers and storage and fewer Virtualisation/Network/Datacentre costs

Lower Support / DBA Costs

With a standardised environment and tech, you’ll need fewer DBA’s with more automated and optimised processes for maintenance

Faster Provisioning

Deploy databases in a quicker and more manageable way


Understand what the current and future state of your data platform requires. Predict OPEX and CAPEX costs.

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