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Machine Learning Consulting Services

Revolutionise your business with AI capabilities.

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Enhance your business performance...  

Unlock your business' full potential with Machine Learning. By spotting patterns, making business intelligent predictions, and enabling your firm to beat competitor response times, your potential could be limitless. 

Our Machine Learning consulting capabilities can help you safeguard against unexpected losses in sales or productivity. It can enable your business to progress confidently and quickly through well-informed decisions, extracted from a comprehensive variety of data sources. 

Machine Learning is at the heart of modern research and development. DSP has educated ourselves on and begun exploring the topic so that, as a Managed Services Provider, we can provide our customers with proactive and reliable Machine Learning consulting.

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What can DSP do for you?

At DSP we offer a 10-day Machine Learning package that aims to answer the burning questions in your company and drive new insights.

This starts with a consultation on what data you have available and where it currently resides, after which we add that data into our Oracle Autonomous Database for our data science team to explore and model. Finally, we create visualisations and insights to report what the conclusion was to your initial question.  

If this isn’t the best fit for your company we can also work on bespoke offerings, which may include any of the following: 


Machine Learning consultancy with an expert including ongoing support if you wish to build your own Machine Learning solutions. 


GDPR compliance support – Machine Learning models must follow data traceability, retractability, and personal identifiability laws. Work with us to avoid exposing yourself to hefty non-compliance fines for misuse in machine learning models.  


Taking data from multiple sources in different formats and bringing it together into a useful form. This includes data cleansing, the process of making raw data useful for modelling. This is a very technical part of data science and accounts for a large fraction of the manual work required in building a Machine Learning model. 


Data exploration by a DSP Data Scientist to drive understanding of which data is most valuable and how it can best be utilized. 


Creating the best models possible with the given data in order to make the most optimal inferences and predictions. This requires expert knowledge of Machine Learning models and methods.


Data presentation with the leading-edge Business Intelligence tools. Updatable Business Intelligence reports on your most important data. Eye-catching visualisations at a professional standard for customer-facing needs or internal needs.

Predictive Analytics

One of DSP's most frequently utilised Machine Learning capabilities is Predictive Analytics, through which practices like our Health Checks are made possible. Using bespoke Machine Learning solutions, we can create statistically significant models of your company’s activity; past, present and future.

Predictive analytics allows data-driven business decisions. Methods are flexible: Machine Learning can be delivered through Oracle’s cutting-edge software or through open-source programming languages R and Python. 



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