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DSP is a leading Oracle application and database partner. We offer stable, secure, yet low-cost Oracle EBS Archiving solutions for organisations that are required to store and access legacy E-Business Suite data for regulatory reasons.

Oracle EBS Archiving Services

DSP is a leading E-Business Suite and Oracle technology specialist. We offer a simple, easy-to-install, and cost-effective E-Business Suite archiving solution.

We understand that when an organisation upgrades its E-Business Suite version, it’s expensive, unnecessary, and impractical to take all historic data to the new version. Our E-Business Suite archiving solution, allows you to do this, whilst also remaining compliant with the obligation to store this data for a specific period of time.

Our solution allows organisations to store legacy data in a low-cost platform, from which data can be retrieved and reported whenever necessary for as long as you need.

We understand different organisations have different requirements. So, we’ll work in partnership with you to design and deploy the solution which delivers the best performance and value for you. We’ll also build in flexibility so that you are only ever paying for what you need.

Our legacy archiving solution is fully managed at all times by our expert DBAs, so you don’t need to expend your own resource on maintaining and securing old data.

Organisations use our services because it enables them to fully decommission old technology thereby drastically reducing costs, whilst knowing that they meet their regulatory requirement to securely store and call upon their historic data.

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Oracle EBS Archiving
Oracle EBS Archiving
Oracle EBS Archiving
Oracle EBS Archiving

Benefits of Oracle EBS Archiving

  • Significantly reduce costs of hardware, storage, licenses and maintenance you don’t need or want anymore
  • Safely store legacy data you don’t need but are obliged to keep for a specified length of time (usually 7 years)
  • Access data for reporting and auditing as required
  • Different options to suit different and changing needs
  • Free up your team from maintaining this data so they can focus on other areas of value
  • Fully managed 24x7x365 including patching and bug fixes
  • Flexibility – only pay for what you use

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Here are some of our Oracle EBS case studies...

National Trust Case Study

DSP collaborated with the National Trust to successfully implement and develop various Oracle EBS modules to support their financial and procurement processes. The case study outlines the challenges faced by the National Trust, such as outdated systems and manual processes, and how DSP addressed these challenges through their expertise in Oracle EBS implementation.

Shannon Group Case Study

DSP coordinated with Shannon Group to provide a reliable and secure hosting environment for their Oracle EBS system. The case study highlights the challenges faced by Shannon Group, such as infrastructure management, system performance, and data security, and how DSP addressed these challenges through their EBS hosting services. 

DSP Oracle EBS Customers

Home Group

"We chose Claremont (now DSP) as they help and encourage in-house learning which strengthens our team. They also provide a very flexible model which has saved us a lot of money which can then be re-invested back into our business to help our end customers."

IS Supplier Relation Manager | Home Group

Middlesex University

“We approached Claremont (now DSP) to assist us with our Oracle E-Business Suite R12.2 upgrade. As a collaborative project, Claremont was an excellent partner to work with, providing invaluable support throughout the whole process. We would have no hesitation in recommending them to other universities and public bodies.”

Deputy CEO | Middlesex University

Shannon Airport

"Claremont (now DSP) has been an excellent partner. They are highly proactive in their response; resolving problems quickly and their service levels are consistently good. We would have no hesitation in recommending their services to other large complex businesses such as ours."

Head of Information Systems | Shannon Group



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