Data Security

Protect your estate from security threats with public cloud.




Is your estate secure?


Cyber attacks are an ongoing concern for UK businesses. Investing in public cloud could enhance your the security of your data and save you costs. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is my data secure?
  • Is my estate compliant?
  • Is my business auditable?

If the answer to any of those is in doubt, we recommend getting in touch with a database service provider like DSP-Explorer.

Security should be your number one priority, and regular checks should be in place whether your estate is currently on-premises or in public cloud.

If you are on-premise, a range of cloud products - Oracle Cloud, Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud for example - could provide you with extra security and assured peace of mind.

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Can cloud enable better security?


Public cloud offers a highly secure foundation and includes state of the art threat intelligence.

Take Azure, uniquely developed by Microsoft: their yearly $1 billion spend on security R&D promises the latest improvements to your businesses security posture.

The same rigorous testing, innovation, and scaling can be said for Oracle Cloud and Google Cloud, and that's where we come in - DSP will advise which cloud package is best suited to improving the security, privacy and compliance of your estate.

Cloud Solutions

DSP’s trusted certified solution architects have expertise in Azure deployments and security tooling of those environments.
There are numerous security and compliance framework options available within Azure, but which ones are applicable to your business? DSP can help you understand how these components can fit together in order to build a secure Azure environment to protect your business from cyber threats. 
To find out more about modernising your estate, why not check out our On Demand webinar on Data Platform Modernisation:

Why update your security?

Security is vital, cyber threats are increasing and businesses simply aren't prepared. Why risk unnecessary damage to your business when the option to become more secure is readily available, and often cost-saving in the long term?

Why revisit your security now?

Put simply, there's not time like the present. Cyber attacks often work quickly, which can add to their devastating affect on unprotected businesses. Why leave it and risk a threat to your business? Do it today so you can be sure your environment will be protected from the earliest instance.

Why DSP-Explorer?

We are a highly accredited Oracle Partner, Oracle MSP, Microsoft Azure CSP and Gold level Partner. These badges reflect the hard work we have put in to understanding databases and how to keep our clients' estates safe over the past two decades.

Our expert team have the experience and ability to deliver tailored and innovative security solutions. We can keep your data secure, and your business compliant and auditable, so you don't have to worry.