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Why extend Oracle E-Business Suite with APEX?

Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) is an extensive software product, which delivers a wide range of functionality to handle core areas of business processing needs. However, there are situations where a business may want to extend functionality beyond the range covered by EBS. These extensions may arise from a need to adapt to an industry change or tactical opportunity.

Organisations may also find built-in application business processes will take far too many steps to complete, making them inefficient or leading to poor user/customer experience. In such cases, building an extension to the EBS module using APEX can deliver the required functionality to greatly improve productivity, user experience and service experience.

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Developing E-Business Suite Extensions

Oracle has long promoted the use of APEX to extend functionality of EBS and DSP-Explorer also promotes this practice by providing specialised Oracle Application Express (APEX) development resources.

DSP-Explorer has extensive experience in designing APEX application extensions for EBS, including tight integration and seamless user experience to maintain the “look and feel” of EBS. User authentication and authorisation, defining responsibilities and deployment architecture design are all additional services DSP-Explorer provides to our customers to provide a holistic service.

Single Sign-on

If the first thing the users see when clicking through the EBS Navigation Menu is an APEX login page… well, that’s really frustrating. The user should ideally be automatically navigated to the correct APEX page they are trying to access whilst being fully authenticated and authorized – this is called ‘seamless integration’.

DSP-Explorer have created a custom authentication scheme, which uses information from the active EBS session to seamlessly log users on to APEX, bypassing the APEX log-in page. Due to functionality in recent versions of APEX to be able to switch authentication schemes in-session, this means that DSP-Explorer EBS-APEX applications can dual-support EBS seamless integration or standalone authentication.

Be Careful!

Licensing the Oracle Database for use with EBS is often done by restricting the licenses to “Limited Use”. This limited use is more than likely going to be refer to “Application Specific Full Use” or ASFU and is intended by Oracle to provide customers with additional discount on the commercial terms agreed but restricting the software usage rights at the same time.  This means that any customer who has purchased Oracle EBS over the years has done so on the understanding that they cannot make custom changes to the application or underlying database schema.

Other customers have purchased “Full Use” licenses, which means there are no restrictions on using the Oracle Database for any other purpose other than underpinning EBS. DSP-Explorer can provide advice on how to deploy APEX extensions to EBS based on your Oracle license agreements with Oracle to ensure you remain compliant.

The Result

Once the supported environment is in place; APEX development is similar to non-EBS projects and provides huge benefits in terms or a clean UI, cost effectiveness and rapid application development.

There are already many reasons why you would use APEX (even without EBS). However, APEX offers a quick and highly productive way to extend your EBS environment with almost no impact to your existing implementation.

Did you know?

Developing bespoke application extensions to “restricted use” deployments of Oracle E-Business and the underlying Database licenses may trigger non-compliance.

We can provide advice on how to deploy Oracle APEX extensions based on your Oracle license agreements to ensure you remain compliant.



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