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Oracle APEX Application Development



Oracle’s Application Express (APEX) is a front running Rapid Application Development (RAD) tool and it’s Free! It’s Oracle’s primary tool for Database and web application development. APEX enables organisations to build scalable and secure enterprise applications, which work on Browsers and Smart Devices and can be deployed anywhere – Cloud and on-premise.

Why DSP-Explorer?

DSP-Explorer has built up an envious reputation of being the No.1 Oracle APEX Partner in the UK & Ireland. Renown for our high-class development and consultancy services.

APEX gives us the advantage of developing applications extremely fast and taking a customer concept to working prototype in record time – from defining new data structures to visualising data and functionality.

Want to know how to build business applications quicker with less code?

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What are the benefits of Low-code/RAD tools?

Low-code seems to be a new marketing phrase for Rapid Application Development (RAD). Low code development enables organisations to be more agile in their approach to development and provide greater consistency at a lower cost. APEX is a great example of a low code application development tool and it enables DSP-Explorer to deliver for our customers, much more quickly than with alternative development tools.

Developing with external data sources

Combine the low code and agile development benefits of APEX with the inherent capabilities of the Oracle Database; add in the practically limitless opportunities that REST Data Services offers and we have a unique development offering for customers looking to develop bespoke applications built on an Oracle Database stack.

Oracle REST Data Services (ORDS) bridges HTTPS and your Oracle Database. A mid-tier Java application, ORDS provides the ability to connect APEX to other Oracle and non-Oracle Databases and data sources.

Developing web apps for Smart Devices

As Oracle’s front running Rapid Application Development (RAD) tool, APEX lets you create amazing low-code web apps, which responsively work on any mobile device; it doesn’t natively let you create an app that you can install to a mobile device. To solve this problem, we implement our APEX apps as a Progressive Web Application (PWA).

A PWA allows us to prompt the user to install our app to the home screen of a mobile device. The app will then open full screen and function just like a traditional mobile app. The best part about this is that it will work on any device due to the fact that it is running in a browser, you don’t have to develop something platform-specific.

Reporting and Data Visualisation for Oracle

Are you also looking for reporting and data visualisation? APEX also includes the interactive report, which enables you to build a report once and then allows end-users to modify it to meet their needs, within controlled boundaries. A dashboard-style report can also easily be put together which reflects a number of different reporting aspects on one page. The reports can also be produced in PDF format on the fly, which is a must for most companies when business data-driven reports are being sent around.

There are also powerful chart and visualization capabilities in APEX. You can easily add beautiful, fast, highly customizable, accessible, and extremely versatile charts to your applications with ease. The charts provide dozens of different ways to visualize a data set, including bar, line, area, range, combination, scatter, bubble, polar, pyramid, radar, pie, donut, funnel, dial gauge, stock and Gantt charts.

Oracle APEX App Development Case Study

We have developed hundreds of applications using Oracle Application Express (APEX). We are particularly proud of the work we carried out for the NHS York Trust, where we built a mobile tasking application. Read more about our Oracle APEX NHS York Case Study today.


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