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DSP is a highly accredited Oracle APEX Managed Services provider. By partnering with us, you’ll have peace of mind that your application is supported by a team of leading APEX developers, who are on standby to respond to and resolve any issues that you encounter.

Oracle APEX Services

Proactive Oracle APEX Managed Service Partners

For over 25 years, we've been trusted to provide Oracle APEX Managed Services. We develop and maintain bespoke applications across different industries and provide our customers with the peace of mind of knowing their applications and environment are supported. 

The availability of your business-critical applications is our top priority. We provide you with a team of APEX developers and technical consultants, available as much or as little as you need, on standby to respond to any issues. 

Over 200 customers have used our Oracle support services to alleviate the burden of day-to-day Oracle APEX administration and re-focus on core business objectives.
We’ve helped customers achieve significant cost reductions and have enhanced the resilience of their critical applications. Our proactive and preventative managed services tools manage, maintain, support, and administer your Oracle environments, so you can be confident that your application and environment are in a safe pair of hands.

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What makes our Oracle APEX Managed Services so good?

Priority at every level

We understand how vital the availability and reliability of your business-critical systems can be. That’s why we’ve developed a three-tier support system to make sure that application failures last minutes not hours.

Application support

Our team of developers are available to ensure your applications remain up and running. We utilise our tools to identify and resolve issues promptly so your processes run smoothly and your business doesn’t suffer disruptions.

Vendor escalation

In the event of an APEX application-related bug/fault which requires a Service Request to be created with Oracle Support, DSP will create, monitor and escalate the Service Request with Oracle and manage it through to resolution.

Monthly support activity logs

We’ll collate and report on any issues and resolutions raised within the previous period, identifying regular concerns which may be impacting consistent application reliability.

Total environment support

Our comprehensive Oracle APEX Managed Services encompass the entire data platform, from operating system support to the application layer, ensuring rapid and effective incident diagnosis.

Oracle APEX specialist providers

DSP is a leading APEX development consultancy which ensures your database is in the capable hands of our specialised APEX experts.

A collaborative approach

We recognise that success is about collaboration. We'll work in partnership with your in-house teams to harness our collective expertise and knowledge to optimise your database performance and achieve your business goals.

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Key Features of DSP Oracle APEX Managed Services

With extensive experience developing, upgrading, and supporting APEX applications, we understand the unique requirements of each application/version. We tailor our services to align with your specific needs and business objectives. At the core of our Oracle APEX Managed Services lies a DBA-developed monitoring suite that empowers us to swiftly address potential issues.

  • Swift responses to different priority levels
  • Development Consultants on standby during business hours
  • Vendor Escalation to Oracle and SR Management
  • Helpdesk, telephone, and email support
  • Monthly support activity logs
  • Additional credit pool services available (custom development)

Discover some of our APEX projects

Loughborough University: APEX Training

Leading university selects DSP to be their Oracle APEX training provider for their development staff, resulting in increased value and ROI and the most up-to-date knowledge of APEX’s capabilities.


NHS Foundation Trust: Oracle APEX Application Development

Discover an Oracle APEX project to provide Mobile Tasking in Hospitals led by DSP's APEX developers, which positively impacted The Trust employees and their patients.

Young Enterprise: APEX Application Project

DSP delivered an APEX application project for a national charity to move to a new host platform architecture in the cloud, resulting in a streamlined and consolidated application environment, better suited for them to carry out their valuable work.




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