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Are you looking for an Oracle APEX Managed Service?

Have peace of mind that your application is being supported by a team of the UK's leading APEX developers with our Oracle APEX Managed Service

Oracle APEX Managed Service

Proactive Oracle APEX Managed Service Partners

We have been providing Oracle development services to our customers since 2000, and have a proven track record of developing and maintaining bespoke applications across different industries and use cases. If you have an Oracle APEX Application, then our team of experienced Oracle Development Consultants are primed and ready to locate and fix any bugs.

The availability of your business-critical applications is our top priority, and with access to a team of developers and technical consultants, who are on standby to respond to, and seek to resolve, any issues that your users encounter. You can be confident that your application and environment are supported.

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Service Benefits:

Priority At Every Level

We understand how vital the availability and reliability of your business-critical systems can be. That’s why we’ve developed a three-tier support system to make sure that catastrophic application failures last minutes not hours.

Monthly Support Activity Logs

We’ll collate and report on any issues and resolutions raised within the previous period, identifying regular concerns which may be impacting consistent application reliability.

There for you when you need it

You’ll have access to the helpdesk, telephone and email support to ensure that you receive a swift response in resolving application-related issues which have not been identified by DSP's proactive bug fixing and monitoring services.

Vendor escalation to Oracle and SR Management

In the event of an APEX application-related bug/fault which requires a Service Request to be created with Oracle Support, DSP will create, monitor and escalate the SR with Oracle and manage it through to resolution.

Oracle APEX Specialists

DSP has built up an envious reputation of being the No.1 APEX development consultancy in the UK.

APEX gives us the advantage of developing applications extremely fast and taking a customer concept to a working prototype in minutes – from defining new data structures through to visualising data and functionality.


“Whilst our own developers are experts in APEX, we worked with DSP as our Oracle partner to benefit from their flexibility and expertise to accelerate our use of APEX and assist us with other Oracle products. We specifically benefited from their APEX development resource and is our preferred route to delivery than hiring independent contractors.”

BMI Healthcare

Key Features of Oracle APEX Managed Services

We have extensive experience developing/upgrading and supporting APEX applications since the first version (HTMLDB), we understand that each application/version has its own individual requirements and we can tailor our services to support you and your business.

  • Lightning fast responses to different priority levels
  • Helpdesk, telephone and email support
  • Development Consultants on standby during business hours
  • Monthly support activity logs
  • Vendor Escalation to Oracle and SR Management
  • Additional credit pool services available (custom development)

Take a look at some of our APEX projects...

Generis Technology: Oracle Forms to APEX Migration

DSP helped with Genesis' Oracle APEX development and improvement to allow B-Smart to run securely from a Cloud-based Database as a Service.

Young Enterprise: APEX Application Project

Read how DSP delivered an Oracle APEX application project for a national charity to move to a new host platform architecture in the cloud, resulting in a streamlined and consolidated application environment, better suited to enable them to carry out their valuable work. 




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