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Oracle APEX Developer Resource

The largest team of APEX developers in Europe

Oracle Partner

Design, develop, deploy and support APEX applications

As the UK’s No.1 APEX Development Consultancy, our team of skilled Oracle APEX developers, backed by a team of technical consultants with a broad range of expertise with Oracle technology, work together to design, develop, deploy and support APEX applications for our customers. By taking a holistic view of application design & development, we offer more value than using an independent contractor.

No matter how complex the requirement, our team can translate some of the most intricate and multifaceted business requirements into simple application specifications for development and implementation. With our extensive experience with Oracle technology, we are unrivalled in our ability to ensure that we deliver the very best solution possible.

Our developers are all employed by DSP-Explorer and located in the UK – we do not outsource, off-shore or near-shore any of our development projects. All development projects are supported by a team of Project Managers and Service Delivery Coordinators to further enhance the level of service customers receive.

With daily rates to match an independent contractor, our development resource is more valuable because we give you access to our developers for a minimum of 12 months, compared to just the contract length you hire a contractor for. This means that you spread the development across a longer period to match your timescales and priorities without costing you any more.

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Developer Resource -

Fixed Cost

We’ll agree on a detailed project specification and deliver it to a fixed budget. Change Requests are factored in as contingency or charged separately.

This is ideal for customers who have a fixed budget and are confident the scope is locked down and agreed prior to development.

Credit Pool

Scope is likely to be more iterative, supporting an agile delivery methodology. We estimate the amount of days required based on a project scope and days are purchased.

These days are consumed as development progresses to conclusion. Additional days can be purchased at the agreed day rate.

Our preferred development platform is in the Cloud, to give us more agility and flexibility for developer access and productivity. This also keeps the cost of development down as these efficiency gains are passed onto our customers.

Oracle Cloud also allows us to leverage new features for rapid prototyping and working with customers to incorporate new functionality in safe, secure and controlled environments. Alternatively, we can and do develop using our customers’ development environments to keep data on site, should there be a compliance or regulatory restriction.





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