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Oracle APEX for ISVs

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Oracle APEX for ISVs

Oracle Application Express (APEX) is Oracle’s front running Rapid Application Development (RAD) tool. It is a low-code development tool, able to produce modern applications, which can be deployed on browsers and smart devices. It also includes reporting and dashboards.

When APEX is deployed on Oracle Cloud there is no need for any Oracle Database licenses. Multitenant architecture is included to keep your customers' data separate and customer billing for your customers with a SaaS framework is also included. Oracle Cloud also has the highest security and limitless scalability.

DSP-Explorer are proud to be the #1 Oracle APEX & Oracle MSP Partner in the UK & Ireland. Our Oracle APEX developers have extensive skills and a proven methodology to help application providers create and/or modernise their applications using Oracle APEX. We can build and then provide you with a managed service for the APEX application(s) and the underlying database(s), allowing you to focus on innovation.

Want to know how to build business applications quicker with less code?

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The Benefits of Oracle APEX

  • A no-cost feature of the Oracle Database
  • Forms part of an end-to-end framework for a SaaS model
  • Lower costs & reduce licencing complexity in your solution
  • Cloud-ready applications using your existing database logic
  • Remove complications, risk and costs associated in modernising your applications
  • Build feature-rich modern applications in days and weeks, not months = better customer experience

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Interested in finding out more about Oracle APEX? The best way to get an understanding is by signing up for a free demoSign up for a free demo today, and a DSP-Explorer APEX Developer will walk you through the tool and show you the art of the possible. Complete the form below to talk to an APEX specialist today.

Already on Oracle Forms?

For more than 30 years, Oracle Forms has been a widely used development technology. However, it has not modernised in recent times and is showing its limitations in terms of allowing application vendors, such as yourselves, to develop modern innovative applications for the new digital world.

If you’re still using Oracle Forms for some of your ISV applications, are you starting to have problems with browsers not supporting the required Java plugin? Do your customers struggle with the clunky old UI? Or are you starting to lose customers / not gain new customers due to the age and look of your application?

The DSP-Explorer Oracle Forms Inspector

Unique to DSP-Explorer, we have a discovery tool called 'Oracle Forms Inspector'. This free of charge tool gives you a quick and easy insight into the scope and costs of your modernisation project. The report delivers an outline plan for the time the project will take, and an indication of cost. With time and cost being one of our key customer considerations, the Oracle Forms Inspector tool provides this information clearly and transparently.

Click here if you'd like to use our Oracle Forms Inspector.


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We offer database health checks to your customers as part of a managed service or on an ad-hoc engagement as required. By ensuring your application is running on an optimised database, you'll provide more value and a better client user experience.

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