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Azure, helping the minds of the future

Working with data storage has always had its rules and regulations, throw sensitive data into the mix and you’ve got a whole lot going on; but this becomes even more of a hand full when this sensitive data involves children and the locations of where the data is stored.

Edsby, a standalone organisation that works within the educational and schooling industry, who better the engagement between student teacher and parent, have recently moved their programs into Microsoft’s Cloud Platform Azure. Here they allow schools and connected organisations to store their student/ teacher’s academic data and records in the cloud. This up until now hasn’t been possible due to legislation in regards to holding sensitive data within certain geographical locations.

As Microsoft have recently opened their datacentres within the UK, organisations like Edsby are willing, but more importantly are allowed to move their sensitive data to the cloud as it is within the same country/ region as the school itself. This, in-turn will help Edsby deliver a better more scalable service to the schools under their umbrella; working faster as all connected to one central point up in the cloud.

Edsby’s co-founder Steven Asbury mentioned that the migration involved Azure SQL Database, which was required for data management and development, Azure storage and Azure Portal for complete console management. He then went on to say, “The software porting and customer data migration took just a few months, and we are now recognizing many benefits, such as improved performance, scalability-on-demand, more flexible storage, back-end monitoring/analytics, a better high availability and disaster recovery offering and other efficiencies.”

Now that Microsoft offer a UK based Cloud service, companies storing sensitive data, such as Edsby can now host their data in Azure whilst abiding by the rules and regulations of the land. Your data is something that mustn’t be over looked, and the industry that you operate in determines the type of storage you are allowed to use. The cloud is changing the way we store data, make sure you are ahead of the curve, Azure and dsp can help you get there. Speak to our Azure specialist to see how.

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