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Discover how DSP-Explorer supported Stonewater with an Oracle EBS Cloud Deployment, resulting in a significantly reduced TCO.

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Stonewater Oracle EBS Cloud Deployment


Stonewater were newly formed in 2015, from three other large Housing Associations. However, the business quickly found that having three sets of applications, as well as three sets of EBS infrastructure, was costly and difficult to manage. The company chose DSP-Explorer to consolidate and migrate their assets to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure to overcome these issues.

"With an ageing and increasingly expensive on-premise hardware model it was imperative that our business moved to the cloud to realise the benefits of scalability, the right level of performance and commercial flexibility."

Amit Patel

Amit Patel
Director of IT | Stonewater

  • The EBS and Northgate applications suites were expensive to run and time intensive
  • The organisation had 3 sets of hosting agreements to manage
  • The existing platforms were very old and also used Oracle Database 10g and Sparc / Unix technologies
  • The creation of Stonewater led to an overly complicated environment for the organisation, with 3 sets of hosting managements and applications suites.

These needed to be simplified without losing the existing data from any of the now-merged Housing Associations, and the new post-merger system had to be able to handle a larger influx of data than the previous individual ones.

  • DSP-Explorer helped Stonewater test and migrate the Database and Webtier to 12c and Linux
  • The solution was then consolidated and moved to OCI
  • Architecture, implementation, migration and ongoing Managed Services provided by DSP-Explorer

DSP-Explorer's architects designed and implemented the solution, migrating the consolidated assets to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. We also provide ongoing Managed Services solutions to ensure that the system is maintained to a high standard, without demanding a considerable time investment from Stonewater's own technical team.

The Result

  • Fast migration with inbuilt testing of the new modernised technology stack
  • Significant reduction in TCO
  • Versatility and expansion capability built in to the new solution

The migration was planned and executed quickly and thoroughly, with DSP-Explorer working closely with Stonewater's own in-house teams. The organisation have since found a significant reduction in costs, and increased versatility and expansion capabilities in comparison to their previous environment.

Why DSP-Explorer

  • Our proven experience with OCI
  • Oracle Cloud and Managed Service Expertise
  • The clear vision of our architects as demonstrated by their proposed solution, and the relevant expertise to execute rapidly against fixed price deliverables.

"DSP-Explorer’s support on this journey was invaluable—delivering all the necessary technical expertise to ‘lift and shift’ the environments onto Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, working closely with our own internal teams."

Amit Patel

Amit Patel
Director of IT | Stonewater




Housing Association


Stonewater are a newly formed Housing Association, made up in January 2015 by the merging of 3 large Housing Associations.  They are a leading social house provider who seek to build good quality, affordable houses across the UK.

  • Oracle EBS Cloud deployment: database and Webtier migration to 12c and Linux.
  • Ongoing Managed Services post-migration

Oracle Managed Service Expertise



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