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SQL Server Support

Improve SQL Server Database performance

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Expert SQL Server Support at your fingertips. 

Outsourcing your Microsoft SQL Server Support to DSP means working with an award-winning team, here 24/7 to help you. Our services are implemented by a team of highly skilled and experienced SQL DBAs and Solutions Architects; we have the skills to manage and solve matters even before they become an issue.

DSP's full support services cover every iteration of SQL Server databases, and as the UK's only Microsoft CSP and Oracle MSP we are experts in our field. We pride ourselves on solving incidents quickly and comprehensively whilst minimising disruption to your business. 

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Our award-winning DBAs provide SQL Server support for all versions and features, from SQL Server 2000 - SQL Server 2019.

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Increase uptime and get efficient

Your Microsoft SQL Server needs to be fast, available and scalable. With huge experience in Microsoft clustering and high availability, we’ll make sure it’s up to the challenge. Our key values of openness, excellence and reliability lead us to work hard to fulfil the purpose our customers experience database uptime, all the time. The uptime our customers enjoy is unrivalled and we guarantee planned maintenance will have minimal business impact.

Save money and minimise errors

If there’s one thing our world-class SQL Server support team loves, is slashing downtime and lost revenue. They are highly technical and really rather good at it. As the UK’s most proactive database support provider, our team will always have an eye on you, monitoring and fixing failures before they happen.

Enjoy outstanding results from all versions

Whatever the size and scope of your SQL Server estate, we’ll support it, from the oldest versions to the latest ones. We also have experience in all the interconnecting modules that SQL Server may interact with, such as

  • Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services
  • Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services
  • Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services

Keep your database infrastructure fit for purpose

Our custom SQL Server health checks build a robust strategy that keeps your high-risk assets performing. Ensure your database is agile and spacious enough to suit your business needs.

If your business requires the retention of large data pots or undergoes regular technology updates, we can build the right system for you. See our case studies for more information: working with large amounts of historical data, and keeping up with technological updates.

Focus on your business

With DSP managing your system admin you can get back to what you do best - innovation. We'll keep the lights on and your systems secure while you grow and improve your business.

One business-intelligent solution that is already proving to be a highly effective decision-making guide for competitive firms is using Machine Learning and Analytics to make the best of Big Data. Head to to find out more.





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