Intelligent Automation Services

Efficient AI learning processes can adapt to change alongside your business.




New ways to innovate with self-learning AI solutions.

Scalable automation can reap benefits across an organisation, but many automation investments are instead implemented on an ad-hoc basis. This lack of clear vision can prevent projects from reaching their full potential: that's where intelligent, scalable AI solutions come into play.

Our expert Data Science team can guide the implementation of self-learning automation on an enterprise-wide level, with improved AI processes around it. This approach could empower your employees, strengthen customer relationships and encourage innovation by using self-learning processes.

Transparent AI guidance

We seek to provide transparent guidance and optimally implemented intelligent automation services that will benefit your organisation in the long term.


Prior to billing you can provide us with a problem brief and sample data, our team of in-house data scientists can then go to work investigating whether machine learning can help you.

This process involves data exploration, cleaning, and visualisation. The findings of this investigation will then be provided to you in a follow up meeting, any problems can be addressed, and a project statement will be made - it's your choice if you would like to continue from this point onwards.

Model Building

This is where the magic happens. Model building commences, our team will proceed to create, train, and test machine learning models tailored to your data and your problem.

This is an iterative process during which we use our expertise to evaluate our selection of models, find the one with the best performance, and demonstrate to you how the model performs.


When you're happy with the value that machine learning can provide,  we can either hand off deployment to you, or we can deploy the model for you. This involves containerising the model and deploying it to a location where its availability suits you. Whether or not we handle the deployment we can always provide maintenance, in order to fix problems or improve upon the model in light of new data.

Innovatively designed automation should be supported through organizational change and continual reskilling, for which our team can provide guidance. Self-optimizing AI can aid and anticipate your biggest challenges, both present and future.

Our Data Science team will provide operational, technical, and logistical support wherever it is needed at every stage of the planning and deployment process. We also offer a fully managed service, so even when your intelligent AI solution is up and running you can concentrate on the enterprise-wide business benefits.

How can we help?

Identifying critical data

We can identify and prioritise data that is not only critical for innovation within a business, but also unlocks the greatest value for the organisation.

Data Management & Governance

Ensure that critical data is managed, maintained, and governed centrally by a trusted source, so it can be used responsibly and effectively.

Data platform & architecture

Our expert team can build a secure data foundation and cloud architecture to ascertain a deeper knowledge of your business requirements.

Product-based operations

Reapplying product-based operating models to certain processes can facilitate collaboration and speed up the execution of business priorities.

Business adoption

Industrialize data and AI to instil a data-driven culture within your business, for better decision-making and adoption of strategic priorities.

Value realisation

Refined processes can help you to comprehensively and consistently measure execution, experience, and business outcomes.

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