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Microsoft SQL Server: Mission Critical Confidence

A paper released by the National Institute for Standards and Technology on 17/4/2013 called the “Comprehensive Vulnerability Database” certifies that Microsoft SQL Server is no 1 in delivering the most secure software for the data platform.

The study which looks at vulnerability from the number of Security Patches released shows that SQL Server came top on the major vendors.

“It’s not surprising to see SQL Server come top of least vulnerable services, given Microsoft’s approach of Security First development.” says Mark Jones dsp’s Practice Head for Microsoft Technologies.

“With SQL Server 2012 and the new high availability features such as Always On, SQL Server has hit the glass ceiling of the demanding enterprise workloads. With SQL Server 2014 is set to smash through it, with its Heckaton 30x in memory technology and native backup to Azure, ”

It’s an exciting time to be working with SQL Server, SQL Server 2012 has proven to be a landmark release with over 90% of our clients looking to move to this release within 6 months.

SQL Server 2014 is already in CTP see here and set for release later this year.

* National Institute for Standards and Technology on 17/4/2013 “ The Comprehensive Vulnerability Database”

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