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What are the key benefits of a Database Managed Service?

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Many companies are struggling to manage their in-house IT systems and the problems that occur with the day-to-day running and monitoring of their databases. A database managed service means that all of your database worries become a thing of the past.

We’ve put together a list of 5 benefits that your organisation can take advantage with a database managed service:

Proactive Monitoring

Using a database managed service means that your database will be proactively monitored at all times, reducing the risk of unexpected mission critical database failures and ensuring the smooth running of your business; as issues are dealt with in real time.

24 Hour Service

With today’s 24 hour global culture, companies are forced to trade at all hours of the day, meaning databases are often accessed outside of general working hours. 24×7 coverage from an outsourced database managed service will offer continuous technical support and maintenance of your database, along with 24×7 human interaction and problem solving if needed.

Cost Efficiencies

Due to this 24 hour culture, more staff are required to help with managing demand, thus increasing costs for the business. However, employing a database managed service allows for costs within your organisation to be considerably reduced as the business would no longer need such a large in-house team of DBA’s.

Extensive expertise

A database managed service comes with a team of highly skilled and experienced individuals who constantly study and update their skill set to understand the database that you are using, therefore being more cost effective for your business in the long term.

Multi-platform and version experience

With a database managed service comes with personnel who have multi-platform experience and a wealth of knowledge in a variety of different databases from different vendors. They go through constant training with vendors to be up to date with all versions of databases and also train for new databases that are due to be released.

These benefits indicate why your organisation will profit from employing a database managed service. You will get a team of experienced database managers, proactively monitoring your mission critical database 24×7 to ensure that any issues that arise are dealt with swiftly, all at a fraction of the cost of your in-house team.


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