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Cloud Infrastructure Technology for the Retail Sector

Cloud technologies are natural partners for retail leaders as they depend on instant scalability to meet seasonal fluctuations and demand peaks, and absolutely must have true agility for innovation. dsp cloud services are tailor-made to enable retailers to move fast; constantly developing fresh ideas, and keeping pace with sophisticated consumer behaviours. We are the leading UK provider of Data Platform Managed Services’ and the UK’s leading Oracle Platinum Partner.

Meeting the Omni-channel challenge
Consumers shift smoothly between channels. They demand engagement and originality from retailers, and they know how to exercise choice with lighting speed. They expect a connected experience that’s based on innovation and interaction at every point of contact; new and relevant experiences. To deliver the right sort of customer experience and the flexibility of service that customers want, retailers need to keep moving fast and being continuously responsive.

The days of building complex inventories in anticipation of customer demand, long planning cycles to prepare for changing tastes and reliance on the power of the retail brand over the new compelling power of the customer experience are long gone. Retailing is leaner, competition is meaner. Hesitation loses the sale. Cloud helps clinch it.

Cloud computing is changing how retailers win

Cloud enables retailers to put real power into the competitive advantage:

Cloud computing is changing how retailers operate

Cloud software empowers retailers to stay keen and competitive; adapting to changing shopper preferences without having to install, configure and maintain on-premise hardware every time they start a new project or have a site refresh.

  • Scalability: Meet demand peaks by build capabilities quick enough to attract consumers. Seasonality in fashion retail dictates swift transitions between styles and ranges together with the ability to tactically extend or truncate them if the season lingers or dissipates.
    Across the retail arena peaks such as Christmas, Mother’s day, Easter and the sheer impact of the weather, place enormous demand on systems to support rapid turnaround in inventory and services. The cloud offers scalability to meet such challenges; there when you need it.
  • Cost effective streamlined operations: Retailers can reduce their capital expenditure in IT simply because by moving to the cloud they no longer need the infrastructure, or the space it takes up, or even the people who once maintained it.
  • More cost effective product development:  The tools and applications that developers need to drive fast-paced introduction of new services and the rapid delivery of new products into the multi-channel environment are all housed in the cloud, making new product development easier and faster than ever before.

‘Leaner IT’ offers pay-as-you go models and transfers many of computing’s more onerous costs of maintenance, back-up, new app development, onto managed service providers; rolled into affordable and forecastable monthly fees.

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