Effortlessly manage Oracle Database@Azure

Oracle Database@Azure offers customers the opportunity to unlock the potential of both platforms with a raft of technical and commercial benefits. If you’re looking for an experienced  Oracle Database@Azure Partner, who can help you cut through the complexity, you’ve come to the right place. DSP has a long-standing track record of success in both Microsoft and Oracle technologies. We can help you migrate and maintain your integrated environment with confidence to ensure long-term value and performance.


Migrate, Modernise and Innovate

Oracle Database@Azure is a compelling proposition – enterprise-grade Oracle database services integrated within the familiar Azure environment, offering significant benefits from both an operational and commercial perspective. Customers can integrate the wide range of Azure services (like AI, Kubernetes and Compute) with the high performance and security of Oracle databases. Enterprise applications – even the most mission-critical ones, can run with mere microseconds of latency between resources and Exadata customers can receive the highest levels of performance and availability.

‘Migrate, Modernise and Innovate’ really is the reality with Oracle Database@Azure, however, navigating a new technology landscape can be complex. That’s where we come in. Unlike many partners, who have expertise in either Microsoft or Oracle, we have both! So we are uniquely qualified to unlock the full potential of Oracle Database@Azure with you.

We can help you define the best configuration for long-term optimisation and ensure a smooth transition, using best-practice deployment. We can also make sure you get the best terms, leveraging your existing licences with both vendors and offering ongoing support to manage and troubleshoot any issues. Ultimately, DSP will help you to truly get the best of both worlds from Oracle Database@Azure.

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Best-in-class services to unite two powerful platforms...

Configuration and Management

We’ll work in partnership with your team to fine-tune Oracle databases to your specific needs within the Azure environment. This could involve optimising storage, networking, and database settings to ensure peak performance. We can also help with things like integrating Oracle Database@Azure with other Azure services like Azure AI, Machine Learning, or Azure Kubernetes Service, maximising the value proposition of the combined solution. And we offer ongoing support for managing and troubleshooting Oracle Database@Azure, ensuring you get the most out of your investment.

Migration and Deployment

DSP can assist with planning, executing, and optimising the migration of your Oracle workloads to Oracle Database@Azure. We’ll use our knowledge of both Oracle and Azure to deploy Oracle Database@Azure following best practices for security, scalability, and cost-effectiveness. We’ll minimise downtime, ensure data integrity, and configure databases for optimal performance in the your new environment.

Security and Compliance

We’ll advise on security best practices for configuring Oracle Database@Azure and Azure resources. This includes access controls, data encryption, and disaster recovery strategies tailored to your compliance requirements. We can also carry out ongoing monitoring of the environment to identify and address potential security threats or performance issues.

Licensing and Cost Management

DSP helps navigate the complexities of Oracle licensing within the Azure environment and advises on cost-optimisation strategies for Oracle Database@Azure usage, so you only pay for what you need. 

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RPC seamlessly migrated their hosting service and existing clients to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and Azure, with ongoing support for long-term optimisation.




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